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Bountiful bake shop featured in Discovery Channel movie

Dec 09, 2021 08:51AM ● By Tom Haraldsen

Filmmakers used their magic to transform a July afternoon into a December day on the corner of Main and 100 South. Photos courtesy of Ali Regan, Sweet Cake Bake Shop.

BOUNTIFUL—Main Street in downtown Bountiful is always festive at least twice a year – during the Christmas season of course, and usually for a few days in July or August. That’s when Hollywood often comes to town, creates fake snow, and begins making Christmas movies.

This year was no exception.

Producers of “Candy Coated Christmas,” which began streaming on the Discovery Plus Channel and The Food Network on Nov. 19, set up shop to shoot scenes in and around the Sweet Cake Bake Shop at 96 South Main Street. Owner Ali Regan, who opened her popular gluten-free bakery at that address in September, let crews shoot several interior scenes in her store even while it was under construction. The film stars Molly McCook, Aaron O’Connell and Ree Drummond, perhaps best known as The Pioneer Woman from her popular cooking show.

“The producers began scouting out locations last spring, looking for a cute little ‘Main Street USA’ type location,” Regan said. “When they found out about my bakery, and how much Ree loves to bake, which is what she’s known for on Food Channel, the stars more or less aligned.”

“As luck would have it, a new bakery was weeks from opening in (Bountiful) where we shot the movie, and the owner let the movie production use the space for several days,” Drummond said in a release. “It was decorated so beautifully, it actually gave me some fun ideas for The Merc!” She was referring to The Pioneer Woman Mercantile store she owns in her hometown of Pawhuska, Oklahoma.

McCook plays a woman who returns to her late mother’s hometown after her plans to start a business get derailed. She comes from a wealthy family but finds herself in a bit of a money predicament that ultimately leads her back to her hometown, called Peppermint Hollow. Once back in the town, she is befriended by Drummond, who owns Bee’s Bakery. McCook soon meets eligible bachelor O’Connell, and in true made-for-TV film tradition, romance and some chaos ensues.

Regan handed over her bake shop for a couple of weeks. Producers wanted to use her equipment to create baked goods for the film, but because her bakery is totally gluten-free, “they had to bring in product from outside sources.” She said the cast and crew were great to work with, particularly Drummond.

“She was so sweet and so nice,” Regan said. “She’s exactly the same person that you see on her Food Channel series. She really reflects happiness and positivity.”

Local filmmaker T.C. Christensen was cinematographer for the film, which also employed local actors and crew members. Co-producer Ryan Little is well known in Utah for the 2003 film “Saints and Soldiers,” a story of a Latter-day Saint serviceman who was part of the Battle of the Bulge during World War II. Filming was also done at a country home in Midway.

“Candy Coated Christmas” is the Food Network and Discovery Plus’ first scripted original movie.