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Local woman’s business is all about the fit

Oct 31, 2022 09:27AM ● By Becky Ginos

LAYTON—It may not be a topic most people would talk about in mixed company, but it is something all women deal with – getting a bra that fits. A local woman has made it her mission to help women find what they need so that they are more comfortable and confident.

“If they have a bra that fits, they feel better and their clothes look better,” said Courtney Killpack, owner of Bra Fittings by Courtney. “I stumbled upon the industry. While I was in college at UVU I had a job at Nordstrom in the lingerie department. I had a clientele that would come and only see me.”

Most women don’t even know how to fit, she said. “They learn from their moms who learned from their moms. Things have changed in 25 years. There are new brands that are empowering to women.”

Killpack said she quit Nordstrom after college. “When I started having kids I was at home and got bored. I was trying to find something to do and I loved fitting bras and I was naturally good with educating people. So I set up a shop in my house in Kaysville five years ago.”

Over the years it’s just continued to grow, she said. “After two and a half years we realized we needed a larger home. There were bras everywhere. In 2020 we moved to Layton.”

Then the pandemic hit and the  business had to shut down for six weeks, Killpack said. “It was actually the biggest year for us because all of the department stores had stopped because of COVID.”

The company recently won the Intima Award in France. “We won for fan favorite,” said Killpack. “It was for engaging the audience on social media. I went to New York in July to accept the award.”

Killpack’s shop carries a wide range of bras from nursing to prosthetics. “Pretty much anything you need we have it,” she said. “We have all the sizes in the world. Most people don’t carry that many. Most of them I get from Europe. They’re brands you can’t find easily. I want it to be a bra destination where women can come in and find beautiful things.”

Customers make an appointment online. “There’s a separate entrance into the shop,” said Killpack. “Either me or one of my fitters will work with them. They’re professionally trained.”

Women should get a new bra every nine to 10 months, she said. “People lose weight, etc. or the bra wears out.”

Although it might seem intimidating to come in for a bra fitting, Killpack said she tries to make it a good experience. “I have an outgoing, warm personality. We make it a safe, welcoming space. We have fun and comfortable music. There’s a good vibe here.”

At first Killpack said her husband thought it was weird. “But then it turned into a positive experience. It’s something every woman needs. It’s taught my kids to work hard and if they have dreams they’re passionate about they can do it.”

Killpack said she never thought she’d be this successful. “I love helping people feel good about themselves.”

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