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Bountiful ranked as one of the 'lowest-cost' city governments in the state

Nov 20, 2020 04:07PM ● By Justin Adams
By Justin Adams | [email protected]

Did you know that Bountiful City is one of the five "lowest-cost" governments in the state of Utah?

The 2019 Cost of City Governments report by the Utah Taxpayers Association ranked Bountiful #4, trailing only Holladay, Cottonwood Heights and Highland. 

The ranking is based on the amount of government revenue from taxes and fees per $1,000 of citizen income. So for every $1,000 that Bountiful residents bring home, about $13.50 of it goes to the city to pay for things like parks, street maintenance and public safety. 

"[It] shows how much revenue the city collects in taxes and fees per resident in the city. This figure is useful in comparing different cities and indicates the level of fiscal restraint exercised by elected officials in various cities," reads the report.  

“This rating reflects our city’s ongoing commitment to providing the best services possible for our residents while maintaining low costs,” said Mayor Randy Lewis in a press release. “As we make our way through a difficult year, I’m especially grateful for our elected Council members and the hard work they do to care for our citizens and remain fiscally responsible.” 

For comparison, the city with the highest rate of government revenue per $1,000 of citizen income is South Salt Lake City, with $54.80 out of every $1,000.