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Davis Journal

Subscription Policy

The Davis Journal is a subscription newspaper. It is published weekly and delivered to the post office on Thursdays in Davis County. 

Cover Price
The Davis Journal is priced at $1.50 per issue. 

Subscription Price
The current annual subscription price for the Davis Journal is $52. This includes the cost of the publication as well as delivery through the United States Post Office. 

1 Year - $52 
2 Year- $104
3 Year- $156

Subscribers may put their subscription on hold by informing the Davis Journal of their desires. Once the Davis Journal has been informed they will work with the subscriber to make sure that the subscription has been placed in a hold status, and that the paper is not being mailed out each week. 

Subscribers may cancel at any time by informing the Davis Journal of their intent and desire to cancel. Cancellation do not allow the subscriber to receive a refund as all subscription sales are final.  

All subscription of the Davis Journal are final at the time of subscription and are not refundable. Subscription are transferrable. The publisher at time to time at his own discretion may refund certain subscribers. 

Non-Publishing Return of Funds
If for any reason the Davis Journal is no longer able to publish a newspaper, that is consistent to the current newspaper, each subscriber is due within 30 days a refund for 50% of the unused prorated subscription amount. 

Postal ID Statement:
The Davis Journal (ISSN 2766-3574) is published weekly by Loyal Perch Media, LLC 270 S. Main St Suite #108, Bountiful, Utah 84010. Application to mail at periodical postage prices is Pending at Bountiful, UT.

POSTMASTER: Send address changes to: The Davis Journal, 
270 S. Main St Suite #108, Bountiful, Utah 84010.

Contact US:
If you are a subscriber or interested in subscribing and you need to contact us please use the information below. 

By Mail:
Davis Journal
270 S. Main St Suite #108
Bountiful, UT 84010

By Telephone: 801.901.7962

By Email: [email protected]

You may also use the contact form below.