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Kaysville residents encouraged to participate in General Plan Online Workshop

Nov 20, 2020 04:45PM ● By Justin Adams
By Justin Adams | [email protected]

Kaysville city is the in the process of updating its General Plan, a document used to help guide many aspects of governmental decision-making, from land-use decisions and design standards to budgets and road construction.

The process kicked off earlier this year with the formation of a committee composed of city staff members as well as consultants from the firm Landmark Design, a Salt Lake City based landscape architecture and community planning firm.

This summer the committee gathered initial public input which it then used to draft a number of 'guiding principles' in three categories: land use, housing and parks and recreation. 

The guiding principles for land use include:

Preserve and enhance Kaysville’s peaceful, small town atmosphere through careful, sustainable planning that respects the city’s history and sense of place.

2. Support historic Downtown Kaysville by incentivizing building maintenance and improvement, facilitating infill development, and investing in streetscape and parking enhancements.

3. Enhance and evolve Kaysville’s activity centers, nodes and primary corridors with commercial and mixed use development that is consistent with Kaysville’s character and the community vision.

4. Ensure future growth and development are aligned with transportation and infrastructure capacities.

Of course, these statements could be interpreted in very different ways by different people. Which is why the city is reaching out to residents for help to further solidify a vision for the future. 

Through the end of November, residents can take part in an online workshop that gives them an opportunity to define what these guiding principles should look like in reality. Participants are presented with a number of photos for each principle and prompted to select the one which they think best represents that principle. 

It also walks participants through three future land scenarios that envision different strategies for the future of development in Kaysville and gives residents an opportunity to provide feedback.