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DMV sending email registration reminders

Jan 04, 2021 10:17AM ● By Tom Haraldsen

Utah vehicle owners are getting one final reminder. A postcard will be mailed, reminding people to register their vehicles AND sign up for an email reminder.

Vehicle registration renewals have been down since the beginning of August when the Division of Motor Vehicles stopped sending courtesy reminder postcards. State officials are concerned that some vehicles could be impounded. DMV Director Monte Roberts says notice was given earlier this year about the end of the program. “We made the hard decision to stop sending the reminder postcards due to budget cuts.”

With the increase of registrations in arrears, the decision was made to send out one last postcard to advise citizens to go to: DMV.UTAH.GOV to sign up for an email notification or renew online at Another option is to visit an On-The-Spot station to sign up and pay for the registration.

“Whatever the reason a registration has not been completed we just don’t want people getting caught and having to pay fines,” says Roberts.