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Golf pro retires after 43 years

Jan 08, 2021 10:04AM ● By Becky Ginos

FARMINGTON—Most people consider golf a pass time – Brad Stone made it his career. Stone is the head professional at Davis Park Golf Course and after 43 years, he’s hanging up his clubs.

“I was hired as the assistant in 1977 and became the director in 1990,” he said. “I grew up in Ogden and lost my father at an early age to ALS. He was very athletic and started me in sports. I gravitated to golf.”

He attended Weber State University and played on the college team for four years. “Then I got hired on here,” Stone said. “Pierre Hualde started this (golf course) with the county. There’s only been two so far. He was instrumental in what golf is here today.”

Stone has been an active tournament player throughout his career. “I’ve had success playing that’s kept me in the game,” he said. “I’ve played in events like Nike and secondary events and played actively on the PGA tour. I chased that for a while until I found out those guys were just a little better than me.”

As head professional Stone was asked to do a lot of things, “You teach, play and manage,” he said. “The job is all encompassing. It keeps you on your toes – but that’s what you want.”

Stone said they’ve made numerous improvements to the golf course during his tenure. “But you never know when a wind storm is going to cause damage.”

Zach Johnson, who is currently the assistant professional, will take over as head professional. “He’ll do a terrific job,” said Stone. “All the guys who work with me are accomplished and they’ll move golf forward.”

It’s been enjoyable and rewarding to help kids grow in the game, he said. “We’ve had local kids who are looking for jobs to try to save money for missions and college. There’s 40 to 45 employees when we’re full on. Some have stayed in the career. The head professional at Hill’s course got started at Davis.”

COVID shut the golf course down for a period of time just like many other businesses, he said. “We’ve been using all the safety precautions that have come down from the health department. Golf’s a pretty good environment for that because it’s outside. We’ve tried to stay open to give people something to do and it’s good for the community.”

Golfing is a family affair too. “I have three kids who are all accomplished golfers,” said Stone. “They love to play and I love to play with them.”

Stone is looking forward to what’s next. “I’m kind of retiring in a pandemic,” he said. “I’ll catch up with some things. I’ve worked a lot of late nights and holidays. I think I’ll gravitate to something where I can help out, give back and pay it forward. I’ll make myself useful. It’s been a wonderful career.”