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Kaysville detective named officer of the year

Jan 14, 2021 01:12PM ● By Becky Ginos

KAYSVILLE—Det. Josh Steadman has a difficult job. He’s responsible for helping victims of sexual abuse, stalking, harassment and domestic violence, but it’s rewarding because he likes helping people. Steadman was recognized for his work as the first Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) investigator with the Kaysville Police Department and was named the 2020 FOP Officer of the Year.

“I started investigating these cases in January 2020,” said Steadman. “The numbers have gone up unfortunately. I follow up on all domestic violence cases so there’s better prosecution. We found it helped having one detective follow up on those crimes.”

The first year was fully funded by a grant, he said. “Then we applied for another two years and got a partial grant. The city covered the rest for two years.”

The year before he took the position Steadman was in the investigations department. “I kind of like in person interviews and interacting with people more than property crimes,” he said. “I like that I can work cases all the way through and help people more so I applied and got it.”

Steadman has been with the KPD for nine years. “For the first bit I was in patrol,” he said. “I was also on the Bountiful Metro SWAT team.”

He is also a firearms instructor for the department and a Field Training Officer. “I like firearms and I like teaching,” said Steadman. “I enjoy helping officers.”

Steadman’s father was in law enforcement and was on the SWAT team. “It was always something I wanted to do,” he said. “When I was a brand new officer there was an opening on SWAT and I was selected.”

Kaysville Police Chief Sol Oberg and Lt. Paul Thompson recommended him for the award. “About a year ago we received a grant for a full-time detective to investigate domestic violence and sexual assault,” said Thompson. “It’s a new program for us. Part of the grant was to take a look at our procedures and how the department could provide better assistance to victims. Josh helped create forms that focus on questions we need to ask at the onset of the investigation so we know what we’re dealing with.”

Thompson said Steadman was able to provide a much more well rounded investigation. “He created a model of what the department should do. It’s been tremendously successful. His goals have kind of resounded through the whole department. We have a better work product and his focus has helped us improve on how we do these investigations. From the very beginning he’s creating a foundation for years to come in this agency.”

“I’ve done a lot of work with the victims and prosecutors,” said Steadman. “The VAWA is brand new for the area and the prosecutors appreciate me working with them.”

Steadman said VAWA is something he’s passionate about. “It’s all pretty rewarding. In these kinds of cases I focus on my interactions with people. Even if the case isn't closed and there are no charges I want to help any way I can to help them get through their traumas.”