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Peeps on the Street

The question: On Jan. 20 we will have a new President. What are your hopes for our country?

Carlos Hernandez:

I hope that the economy gets better and we get a President that’s not racist. I’m an immigrant and I’m hoping we will be treated better. I would like more jobs to come back to the United States. That would be a nice thing to do. I would like to see people be more calm and patient for the vaccine. I feel what some people are doing is not appropriate going out with crowds; it’s not convenient for the country.

Richard Rowe, owner of Richard Rowe Automotive: 

I hope that he (President-Elect Biden) is able to stabilize things. I think that we are struggling with animosity and problems with getting along. I hope that he can maybe unite the Democrats and the 

 Republicans and bring the nation together a little bit, or a lot, because we are in trouble right now. We are struggling and we need some pleasant things to happen. Our lives need to be more about looking after each other than getting after each other. I hope he has the strength and the people behind him that can help him do that. Now we’re getting a vaccine that can be used and I think if we are wise enough to do the right thing and not be foolish in how we act and what we do and do everything we can to slow it down. Hopefully it will go away this year. This has got to be a better year. We all need to work hard to unite rather than fight. Richard Rowe, owner of Richard Rowe Automotive: 

 Nathan Polson:

My biggest hope is we can set aside partisan politics and start coming back together as a nation again. I think over 2020 we have seen so much division between left, right, Democrat, Republican, it seems like no one can work together – I’d like to see that set aside and we can work together again. I think I speak for a lot of people and I sincerely wish it (the pandemic) to be over soon. I’ve heard President-Elect Biden has some plans to help that come along very quickly, so we’re hoping to see that come to fruition. There is a lot of division in our country right now, I’m hoping we can come together and set aside our differences and hopefully make this place a lot better than it has been. 

 Sandy Coletti:

First of all, I’m hoping that the Congress will get their act together enough to know they have to work for the people of the nation that voted them there in the first place. I also hope the Republicans can give as much deference to this President as they gave to the last one. I would like to see a one-to-two year national plan (for COVID-19) that creates testing, tracking and vaccinations throughout the whole nation, so everyone is pretty much aware of when they can get a vaccination and how they’ll be tested, etc. I hope the Congress will review what they are spending money on so that a majority of the money goes to the average citizen who actually needs the money. That would include infrastructure, healthcare, education, etc. Sandy Coletti: