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CYCLOPS: Those rioters were thugs, not patriots

Jan 14, 2021 05:06PM ● By Bryan Gray
 After last week’s assault on the nation’s Capitol by right-wing rioters, one Internet wag posted, “Thank you President  Trump for Making America Great.  You did it by electing senators in Georgia and converting sensible Republicans to vote for Democrats in upcoming elections."

He has a great point.   The vast majority of  Americans reacted with disgust when  Trump loyalists destroyed property, broke windows, tried to crash through doors, and raised Confederate flags in the Senate  and House CYCLOPS Those rioters were thugs, not patriots chambers.  It made the United States look like a South  American banana republic, not the citadel of democracy, all while the nation’s Sore Loser refused to condemn the mayhem.

Let’s view this realistically… Those responsible were not “protestors;” they were an illiterate mob comprised of right-wing anarchists, white supremacists, and motley groups that hate Jews, Muslims, and anyone who can pass an IQ exam.  It is a misnomer to confuse them with political conservatives who herald law and order.

The Sore Loser egged them on, of course, but he was helped by Utahns Sean Reyes, Rep. Burgess Owens, and Rep. Chris Stewart.  Thankfully, Rep. John Curtis, Rep. Blake Moore, Sen. Mitt Romney, and Gov. Spencer Cox – men who have read the Constitution and recognize the meaning of their oath of office – didn’t join the conspiracy theorists whose claims were thrown out multiple time by every court they visited.

There was no reasonable or legal excuse to hold up the electoral votes.  Like it or not, Joe Biden won the election.  He didn’t just slip by; he won by the same electoral college margin as the Sore Loser did four years ago and he also won the popular vote by some 7 million, garnering more votes than any other presidential candidate in our nation’s history.  If you don’t think Joe Biden won, you probably think that Donald Duck is real and swimming in your city’s pond.

The riot in  Washington, D.C. and the attack on the police may well help Democrats since many moderate and conservative Republicans, along with swing vote independents, will find it reprehensible to align themselves with a political party that praised, enabled, and encouraged the Sore Loser.

And as for the Sore Loser planning on a 2024 election comeback, the destruction in the nation’s Capitol should make any chance remote at best.   Americans may not be enamored by mainstream politicians, but they despise those who instigate mob action or light matches around gasoline pumps.  I am sure the Sore Loser’s telephone call asking the state secretary of state to “find” an additional $11,000+ votes ended up helping Democrats win two U.S. Senate seats in Georgia.

As for the  Washington, D.C. rioters, we can debate their form of punishment.  You might be satisfied with a jail term for their acts of sedition; I might prefer we boot them out of the country and send them to Somalia or North Korea.

Whatever you decide, don’t label them as patriots expressing their First  Amendment rights.  
 They are simply thugs waving a flag they really don't understand.