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Davis Journal

Crews ‘push in’ new fire engine at Station 84

Feb 01, 2021 08:53AM ● By Becky Ginos

BOUNTIFUL—South Davis Metro Fire crews welcomed a new engine at Mueller Park Station 84 on Monday with a ceremonial “push in” to put it into service.

“In the 1800s they used horses to go to an emergency scene,” said Deputy Chief Greg Stewart. “When they came back they would wash the horses and push the pumper back in so it was ready for the next call. It was then considered into service.”

The new engine has been two years in the making, he said. “The decision was made to make a more wildland/structure engine. This is perfect for this location up here.”

Stewart said the engine has four wheel drive and high clearance so it can go off road. “It can pump water while it drives and has the ability to draft water from a stream or pond rather than a hydrant.”

It can also spray foam which increases the effectiveness of water application, he said. “We say it makes water wetter to help penetrate whatever is on fire. The nosal on the front has a joystick so you can pinpoint while you go. It’s nice, then the driver doesn’t have to get out of the cabin if they don’t want to.”

The other engine is 24 years old, said Stewart. “The pump operator and valves are on the outside. On this new one it has icons so you just push a button. It’s up to date so it makes the engineer’s job easier.”

The new engine was specifically designed for this station, he said. “This is for the type of fuels we have in this area. We call it wildland/urban interface because we have wildlands and structures we have to protect.”

It’s a diverse area, Stewart said. “It will go on traffic accidents like all the other engines but it can go above the ‘B’ and assist in canyon rescues all the way to North Salt Lake. Crews can hike in, find the patient, package them and bring them down.”

Rosenbauer, a company out of Minnesota, built the new engine. “We have a type 3 with type 1 capabilities,” said South Davis Metro Fire Chief Dane Stone. “Rosenbauer is the only one that makes a type 1, type 3 combo. It’s called the Timberwolf. It’s a good rig, I’m excited to see it come into play.”

“When I pulled up it was fun to see this new toy, it brings out the kid in me,” said North Salt Lake Mayor Len Arave. “But then I stop and think about the important work you do. Most of us won’t need your services but when we do it’s a sobering thought. Response time might only be a matter of a minute or two, but those one or two minutes can make all the difference.”

“A fire engine is a symbol that help is on the way,” said Stewart. “It’s a symbol of pride.”