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Davis Journal

Local business owner assists National Guard

Feb 08, 2021 09:04AM ● By Anna Pro

KAYSVILLE—When a windstorm tore through the county in September, city leaders and community members alike came together to clean up the aftermath. The Utah National Guard was even called out to assist in the effort.

The 1457th Engineer Battalion came prepared with 26 chainsaws to help clear debris and eliminate hazards throughout the county. However, after two days of work many of the chainsaws were dull or broken from continual use. When they couldn’t find the right chains to resupply, a Kaysville man stepped up to help. The Davis County Commission honored Mike Roueche for his efforts at a recent meeting.

“Sam Sorensen, a young man who worked for me 20 years ago, is in the National Guard,” said Roueche, who owns ACE Hardware. “He was up in the area cleaning up debris and the equipement ran out. They couldn’t find any functioning chains so he reached out to me because he knew I had the capability to fix the chains.”

Roueche said he doesn’t typically make chains. “The chains they were using are much larger and heavier. The length of chain is longer than most homeowners would use so I don’t sell it but I have the equipment to do that. Sam and I spent the next four hours plus building chains so they could function the rest of the weekend.”

Most people don’t even know how much the Guard helps out in the community, he said. “A lot of the individuals are common, everyday working people who participate in the National Guard. They’re the ones who benefit all of us.”

It was a pretty big disaster, said Roueche. “Most residents don’t know how much they did for us. It saved the county and city days and days of work and a dramatic amount of money.”

Kaysville Parks and Recreation Director Cole Stephens said the city had extensive damage. “The Fire Chief put in a request for the Guard and they showed up in force,” he said. “The cemetery was hit the hardest, we lost about 40 trees. They cleaned up the bulk of the branches and had those removed within a day and a half. They saved my crews a month’s worth of work by coming.”

Mike stepped up to provide that service and it was very much appreciated, said Stephens. “Mike is a great example of a community desire to help and to give.”

“I played a small role in it,” said Roueche. “That’s why they call it a community – it’s what makes the system work. They (Guard) are really the unsung heroes.”