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PEEPS ON THE STREET: Do you have any special Valentine’s memories?

Feb 11, 2021 11:55AM ● By Roger V. Tuttle

 Hannah Ynchausti. South Davis Recreation Center Office Assistant:

Last year, I was working on Valentine’s Day and me and one of my other co-workers decided that we would buy candy and hand it out to everyone. And that was really kind of fun to make people’s day that way.

I don’t think I have any special plans for this year, but I know that my parents have always tried to make Valentine’s very special. They’ve always taught me that Valentine’s is a day not just for a significant other type of love, but for friends and family showing your appreciation to everyone. 

 Erin Garner. South Davis Recreation Center Life Guard:

This year I’m not doing much because of COVID, but I know that my boyfriend and I are probably going to go to the park and just walk around because we’re kind of chill and don’t like to do big, giant things.

 Kellis Flitton.  South Davis Recreation Center Life Guard: 

This year I’ve got to work on Valentine’s, but the next day me and my girlfriend we’re going to go up to Park City and we’re going to hit some restaurants, maybe do a little skiing or snowboarding and see what’s up. It’ll be fun!

 Tif Miller. South Davis Recreation Center Executive Director:

In the past we’ve mostly done dinner and a movie, that’s been our go-to. This year is a little different with the pandemic. I think we’ll just spend time at home with the kids.

 Ruth Cole. Bountiful High School teacher

I don’t know about a favorite, but I have a lot of great Valentine’s memories. One year we went to Bryce and I really liked that because it had the snow and the red rock and the pine trees and that was gorgeous. Another year we dressed up in Shakespearean attire and went to a feast where they did Shakespeare.  This year with COVID we’re going a little more mellow. We’re going to Zion and hang out more locally and not go out as much. We do something every year, so we have lots of great memories.