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Carlson honored with Extra Miler award

Apr 05, 2021 12:59PM ● By Linda Petersen

CENTERVILLE—Mike Carlson, the city’s interim public works director, was recently recognized by the Rural Water Association of Utah for his work in the field and for the organization.

Carlson has worked for the city for more than 38 years and has been a member of the association for most of that time. He has served on the various committees including on the membership committee and training committee and has led and participated in various panels and discussions during association conferences and trainings. He has also contributed generously to the organization’s efforts to educate and provide assistance to those in need.  He was presented with the Extra Miler award in recognition of his efforts at RWAU’s annual conference in St. George, March 1-5.

City Manager Brant Hanson shared Carlson’s recent honor with the city council at their March 16 meeting.

“We wanted to make sure we recognized Mike Carlson for his contributions to not only the city and the rural water association but to all the staff and the employees he works with,” he said. “This award is a testament to how much he cares and he gives.”

“I really appreciate Mike and what he does to take care of all of those around him,” Hanson said. “It’s evident and I appreciate that Rural Waters has recognized it and we also need to recognize that same giving nature that he provides here at the city,” 

City Council member Robyn Mecham said she has worked with Carlson for many years and she appreciates how he takes care of the city’s residents.

“They always call me back and say, ‘he was so friendly, he was so helpful,’” she said. “He treats our citizens that way and more. I have never had a complaint. I send Mike to people who are not happy, and he is right there.”

She told of one instance where a resident was so frustrated, he was ready to cut through his gas line. Carlson “jumped right down in the hole and probably saved me and the guy who was going to cut his gas line,” she said.

Mayor Clark Wilkinson also praised Carlson’s skills.

“His customer service has been tremendous, incredible,” he said.

Carlson said while he appreciated the award, it has been attending the RWUA’s conference and participating in the organization’s education efforts that has been most valuable.

“The biggest thing I’ve learned is probably about helping each other, I think that’s probably one of the most important things,” he said. “We go to these conferences, and we find out that in networking is huge. What somebody else has battled or already gone through can help me go through the problems I’m going through at the time.”

The city is currently searching for a new public works director. The previous Public Works Director Randy Randall retired in January.