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Experience a bit of France in Kaysville’s Madeleine L’Amour boutique

Apr 05, 2021 01:59PM ● By Karmel Harper

On your right, a tall shelf filled with glass jars of colorful lollipops tempt your sweet tooth. On your left, spools of colorful and patterned ribbons cascade delicately. Overhead, a crystal chandelier sparkles. The gentle floral scent of apothecary items waft through the air, complementing the 1930s era music playing softly in the background. In front of you, a treasure trove of beautiful home accessories, gorgeous jewelry and unique European-inspired gifts displayed on light vintage furniture are a feast for your eyes. 

As you first step through the wreath-adorned door of Madeleine L’Amour shop in Kaysville, you may feel as if you have been transported to a different time and place where beauty, romance and all things lovely are the order of the day. 

The shop offers the glamour of French fashion with their exquisite “La Vie Parisienne” jewelry line which features Austrian crystals. The elegant pieces are handmade using vintage molds originating from old Parisian workshops established over 200 years ago. Anyone donning one of their bracelets or necklaces will be ready for an evening atop the Eiffel Tower or a stroll along the Champs-Élysées. 

But if the quiet countryside of Provence is more your style, you will love their traditional tea towels and wooden boards ready to display a loaf of freshly baked bread. Charming tea sets, unique ornaments, luxurious Barr-Co apothecary bed and bath delights and a collection of dainty cake plates available for purchase or rent are also among the wonderful variety of items displayed. 

Shop owners Elle Packer and Jeni Carlson are the mother-daughter team who realized their dream of creating a French-inspired boutique in Davis County over 10 years ago. Although the first location of Madeleine L’Amour was in Centerville in 2010, they moved the store two years later to Bountiful where the revitalized Main Street featuring quaint storefronts was a perfect fit for the lovely boutique. The shop thrived in Bountiful for eight years. And then, 2020 happened. 

            Madeleine L’Amour was the first Bountiful Main Street business to close its doors when the pandemic hit. With the uncertainty of how long the lockdown would last, the ladies knew they had to quickly pivot. 

“We knew to survive in this climate, we had to reinvent ourselves and keep our customers happy,” Carlson said. “Our customers still want to shop but they want to do it in a safe way.” 

As they are both Kaysville residents, relocating their shop close to home was a wise business decision as they could continue doing commerce via orders and online sales. They needed to be close to their inventory since they shipped items and hand-delivered them. They successfully maintained their business through lockdown and opened up a new store location on Main Street in Kaysville in June 2020.  

            Home interiors have always been a passion for the mother-daughter duo. Carlson shared how her mother, Elle Packer, has always had a gift for the art – even in her banking career. Parker was known in the local banking industry as having a beautifully decorated office complete with sweets to share which rewarded those who visited a treat for their eyes and their palates. Carlson inherited her mother’s keen eye for beauty as the pair’s talents are evident in the lovely items in their boutique.  They are the true epitome of a small family business as they are and have been the only employees of the shop.  You will be greeted by Jeni or Elle (or both) when you walk into their boutique, ensuring personal customer service from the experts themselves.  

            Yet their business strategy goes beyond form and aesthetics.  They are making deliberate efforts to be more eco-friendly. 

“It is important we make good choices when it comes to our environment,” Carlson said.  “We consider this when deciding what brands to stock and what packaging to use.  We also encourage our customers to use recycle totes at our shop and others.”  And of course, true to Madeleine L’Amour’s brand, even their recycle totes are quite enchanting.  

Madeleine L’Amour is located on 85 Main Street in Kaysville.  Their current business hours are Tuesday through Friday, noon – 5 p.m. and by appointment any time.  Visit their blog at, follow them on Instagram @madeleinelamour, or contact them at 801-544-9099.  You can also text Jeni Carlson directly to make a shopping appointment outside of regular business hours at (801) 232-3276.