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Davis Journal

Sunshine Cafe feels like home

Apr 05, 2021 02:26PM ● By Lisa Jacobsen

NORTH SALT LAKE—Janet Barmore had a dream to own and operate a café with a mom and pop atmosphere that served breakfast and lunch but also built relationships and created a sense of community. That dream became a reality when she opened the Sunshine Café in May 2005.  She believes that community feel is what has kept the restaurant operating during the pandemic.  

“There were a lot of people that didn’t want me to go out of business during the pandemic, so they actually gave me money personally to help buy my supplies,” Barmore said. When it was hard to get toilet paper, another customer called and asked if she needed some because Costco just received a shipment. The customer brought it in and said, “here, it’s our gift to you.”

Sometimes Barmore needs some simple maintenance as part of the care and upkeep of the restaurant. “Many customers offer to do the maintenance and they are not doing it for money, just to help me,” she said. “We have so many customers like this and the stories just keep going.”

People want the personal touch and a destination place to build memories and friendships, she said.  “We know our regular customers on a first name basis.  If we see one of our regular customers missing, we call them to make sure they are OK.”  

Barmore has watched regulars coming in first as a family with young kids, watched the kids grow up, and now graduate from high school. Two walls in the corner of the café display more than 100 postcards sent from customers and employees to her from their vacation destinations all over the world. 

On a couple of occasions, high school kids were skipping school and eating at the Sunshine Café only to have their parents show up for a business breakfast or lunch, she said. 

When customers say that their food is prepared and served with love and they feel at home – that’s a dream come true.