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Farmington boys and Davis girls lacrosse teams still undefeated

Apr 29, 2021 12:53PM ● By Catherine Garrett

The Davis High girls team won games against Northridge and Weber to remain undefeated through 10 games. Farmington’s boys squad beat Woods Cross and Box Elder to improve to 11-0.

Davis – Boys

Davis defeated Northridge 17-11 April 20.

“We had streaks where we played really great, but it was a good hard-fought game by both teams,” head coach Dillon Yocom said, noting the tough defense by Emerson Bell with his four caused turnovers. “We also had really strong showings from Rhett Rice, Connor Johnson and Emmett Rice.”

Mason Gagner led the Darts with four goals while Johnson (three goals, three assists), Rhett Rice (three goals, one assist), Blake Williams (two goals, one assist) Emmett Rice (one goal, three assists), David Spjut (one goal, two assists), Mason Kilgore (one goal), Nick Johnson (one goal), Sam Lifferth (one goal) also contributed offensively.

Against Weber April 22, Davis won 19-15.

“We had multiple starters out with injury and had another player get his wrist broken which made it a tough game, but our guys fought through the adversity,” Yocom said.

Rhett Rice scored six goals to lead the Darts with Williams and Kilgore recording four and three goals, respectively. Davis is now 10-1 this season.

Davis – Girls

Davis defeated Northridge 24-2 April 20.

“Our team came out swinging today and really did well on all of the fundamentals,” head coach Makenzie Hekking said. “It was a really good team win.”

Samantha Wilkes led the Darts with nine goals and two assists while Piper Searle (six goals, one assist), Macie Wood (four goals), Ava Bair (two goals), Kelly Maynes (two goals, one assist), Mackenzie Coleman (one goal, one assist), Emma Williams (one assist), Kaydence Johnson (one assist) and Tallulah Raser (one assist) also provided offense in the big win.

Against Weber April 22, Davis won 17-2, building a 10-2 lead at halftime into a 15-goal win.

“I’m very pleased with how my girls played,” Hekking said. “Our girls finally listened to what the coaches were telling them to do and what plays to run and it was a thing of beauty to watch their execution. We ran plays and motion offense and were rewarded with wide open shots throughout the game.”

Hekking credited Johnson with a “standout game” of four goals that made her the player of the game. “It was nice to finally see her true potential showing on the field,” Hekking said. “She was critical in re-defending and riding to get the ball back when we turned it over on our offensive zone.”

The Darts came together at halftime to discuss “non-call” frustrations that boiled over in the first half, resulting in an unsportsmanlike yellow card on the coaches, and adjusted to how the refs were calling the game and playing their game as a unit. “That is not something that is easily done, but our girls made the adjustment and got fewer fouls called and no more cards in the second half.”

Wilkes again was tops for the Darts with six goals and two assists. Also helping offensively were Searle (three goals, one assist), Wood (three goals), Maynes (one goal, one assist), Bair (one goal), Williams (two assists) and Coleman (one assist). Davis remained undefeated through 10 games.

Bountiful – Boys

Bountiful lost to Bingham 12-6 April 19, going down early before coming back to lead 3-2 heading into halftime. The Braves gave up seven goals in the third quarter which was the ultimate difference in the six-goal loss. Teagan Douger and Hayden Hanson scored two goals each with Sam Lefevre (one goal), Jamison Bain (one goal), Payson Hadley (one assist) and Declan Watt (one assist) also contributing to the offense.

Against Bonneville April 21, Bountiful won 15-6 behind seven goals from Hanson.  Also scoring for the Braves were Bain (three goals, three assists), Lefevre (two goals, two assists), Douger (one goal, two assists), Nate Taylor (one goal) and Elijah Lowe (one assist).

Against Viewmont April 23, the Braves were up 7-1 at halftime before scoring nine more goals in the second half to win 16-1. Hanson again led the way for Bountiful with six goals and one assist with Lefevre (two goals, two assists), Rustin Lowe (one goal), Bain (two goals, one assist), Lowe (two goals), Porter Hadley (one goal), Watt (two goals) and Isaac Stout (one assist) also helping offensively. The Braves improved to 5-5 on the year.

Bountiful – Girls

Bountiful defeated Bonneville 15-3 April 23 to bring their season record to 3-3.

Viewmont – Boys

Viewmont lost to Box Elder 12-9 April 21.

“Much like the Bonneville game, we ran out of gas in the fourth quarter and they took the game,” head coach Don Stringham said. The Vikings are now 5-8 this year.

Viewmont – Girls

Viewmont defeated Box Elder 17-5 April 20.

The Vikings were led by Olivia King with two goals and one assist. Also contributing offensively were Keely Banks (one goal), Hannah Bird (one goal) and Avery Drake (one goal). Viewmont improved to 2-5 on the year.

Woods Cross – Boys

Woods Cross lost to Farmington 18-0 April 21. The Wildcats also lost to Bonneville 14-5 April 23.

Woods Cross has a 1-9 season record.

Woods Cross – Girls

Woods Cross defeated Farmington 9-6 April 20.

Against Bonneville April 22, the Wildcats won 12-4, coming out strong to take a 7-2 halftime lead before adding five more second-half goals. Woods Cross is now 3-5 on the year.

Farmington – Boys

Farmington defeated Woods Cross 18-0 April 21. Treyvion Rosendahl led the Phoenix with four goals and three assists while Marcus Ball and Brayden Buckley scored four goals each. Also helping the offense were Davis Roche (three goals), Cole Beynon (one goal, three assists), Dexter Snell (one goal, one assist) and Easton Roberts (one goal).

Against Box Elder April 23, the Phoenix scored 11 first-half goals – to the Bees’ two goals – and put away the game with seven more in the last two quarters. Roche and Beynon both scored five goals with Buckley (four goals), Rosendahl (one goal, three assists), Easton Roberts (one goal, one assist), Jaden Bennett (one goal, one assist) and Ball (one goal, one assist) also were big on offense in the shutout. Farmington is now 11-0 this season.

Farmington – Girls

Farmington lost to Woods Cross 9-6 April 20.

“This was a needed challenge,” head coach Annabelle Roche said. “Their team definitely has talent and did not give up the win easily. I appreciate a team that fights hard and gives us a run for our money. It shows us as coaches how our team reacts and what we need to work on.”

Roche said the player of the game on defense was Karly Stephens. “In her first season, she is already proving to be a star on defense,” Roche said, also noting Hailey Savage’s “heart in the game” with her contributions to the team’s attack with her two goals.

Maleha Ballard also had two goals and one assist while Ryann Franich (two goals), Avery Yates (one goal), Ruby Roche (one goal), Paige Burwell (one goal) and  Alexa Stephens (one assist) also helped offensively.

Against Box Elder April 22, Farmington won 10-6.

“Box Elder has improved greatly since the last time we played them,” coach Roche said. “Their defense was tough to get through and they are well coached.”

Avery Yates was credited by coach Roche for causing the most turnovers on the team and “fighting for every ground ball that came her way,” while also scoring a goal. Tai Aston was also noted by coach Roche for “controlling the defensive field.”

Also contributing offensively for the Phoenix were Ryann Franich (three goals), Hailey Savage (two goals), Emily Lewitt (two goals, one assist), Paige Burwell (one goal, one assist), Grace Kunzler (one goal, one assist) and Avery Yates (one goal).

Farmington defeated East 18-4 April 23 behind offense from Franich (five goals, one assist), Burwell (four goals), Ruby Roche (two goals, one assist), Kunzler (two goals, one assist), Savage (two goals), Riley Sant (one goal), Lewitt (one goal), Ballard (one goal) and Leah Allen (one assist). The Phoenix squad is now 9-1 this year.