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Veterans Park prepares for third stage of development

May 06, 2021 09:31AM ● By Tom Haraldsen

The Bountiful Veterans Park has welcomed tens of thousands of visitors since it’s dedication on Veterans Day 2020.

The Bountiful Veterans Park has completed its first two phases of development, and the results have been amazing. What was once simply a lawn area north of the city hall has been transformed into what its creators call “The Dream,” a fitting and emotional tribute to all those from south Davis County communities who’ve served in the U.S. military.

Now, the third and final phase of development is set to begin. That was outlined by city councilman Chris Simonsen, the inspiration for the park’s creation and Chairman of the Board of Directors, in a presentation to city council in April.

“We’re preparing to begin the Statue phase while we continue to raise funds,” he said. “After raising more than $1 million, all in private donations, our third phase will be to install at least three of seven planned statues by Memorial Day this year.”

That day, May 31, will also be when a special program is planned. Details on that are still being finalized, but the public can learn more through our Davis Journal weekly publication or on the Veterans Park website (

The systematic and very well organized plan for construction of the park has been accomplished not just through monetary donations, but also with the plethora of volunteer hours that have helped install walls, place dedicated pavers and even lay sod. Thousands of visitors have toured the park since its dedication on Veterans Day 2020, and Simonsen said many have left pins, flags or other mementos by the pavers, walls or monuments.

“Everything has been placed where it is for a reason,” he said. “Each word is placed with its specific meaning and purpose in mind. The size, the messages, they are all special and one of a kind. Our decisions have never been quick decisions. And we’re very excited for what will happen next.”

The first three new monuments will be The Military Family, the POW/MIA monument, and the Wounded Warrior monument. Each will be 3 feet high by 5 feet in length, and each will depict a fitting tribute to those respective subjects. And in 2022, a fourth monument will be installed, the Dedicatory Prayer monument at the entrance to the park.

“Our Veterans, families and their unparalleled sacrifices continue to be a guiding force in every decision we make in this Park,” Simonsen wrote in a report to the council. “What would those who have sacrificed the most and even the ‘ultimate’ for our freedoms be honored to see in the park? With those thoughts in mind, we strongly feel that the Dedicatory Prayer Monument needs to be part of the park.”

The success of the Veterans Park’s efforts to honor all who’ve served is borne out in the fact that on May 19, a new wall segment will be installed so that more names of Veterans can be added. The current walls are already filled.

Names of those who’ve served are imprinted on pavers that circle the park’s tribute walls dedicated to the wars America has fought. Organizers will continue to install pavers and names on the Veteran Walls each year for Memorial Day and Veterans Day celebrations.