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West Bountiful offers free Wi-Fi at two locations in West Bountiful

May 06, 2021 09:34AM ● By Julie Thompson

Kade, Ty and June Thompson use the free Wifi at West Bountiful park to enjoy a virtual picnic with their mother.  Photo by Julie Thompson

Are the walls closing in on your home office?  Are the kids in need of a field trip as the school year comes to a close?  Have your family members ever been stranded at the park or school without a ride home and without a communication device with a data plan?  

If so, fresh air and open space is literally just around the corner!  West Bountiful City has teamed up with UTOPIA FIBER to provide free public WiFi at West Bountiful Park as well as at the pavilion just east of City Hall on the grounds of West Bountiful Elementary.

This valuable service can enhance events you are participating in or hosting at either location. It could also prove to be a lifesaver if your Internet goes down just as you are about to submit that big project just before the deadline!  For family members whose electronic devices require WiFi, this service may provide peace of mind to parents whose children have practices or ball games at either location.

UPTOPIA FIBER is working with municipalities and other entities throughout the state to provide mobile hot spots.  Connecting is simple:

• Go to your Wifi settings 

• Select WestBountifulPublicWiFi

• Accept the license agreement

• Start browsing, streaming, downloading and uploading!  

For more information, visit the city’s website: