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Boye returns to sing for COVID patient

May 06, 2021 01:15PM ● By Becky Ginos

Alex Boye sings to Ana Lucio during a concert at Lakeview Hospital on Tuesday. This time last year Lucio was on a ventilator battling COVID. Photo by Roger V. Tuttle

BOUNTIFUL—Ana Lucio is just happy to be alive. After spending two months at Lakeview Hospital this time last year battling COVID, walking on her own and standing in the sun on Tuesday was a miracle.

Everything came full circle when Alex Boye returned to Lakeview to give a concert just as he had done last year when he sang to Lucio who came outside for the first time after being admitted.

“The feeling of being outside felt really good,” said Lucio through an interpreter. “I looked up Alex Boye when he sang and saw that he and his wife were motivated to bring hope during COVID. I wanted to spread that hope as well.”

Lucio was one of the first COVID patients at the hospital and the longest-standing COVID-19 admission. She was discharged in May 2020.

“At first I had only heard about it,” she said. “It was not well known yet. I was living a normal life when I first got symptoms. I lost my taste and was very tired. My friend said ‘we should take you to the hospital. I think you’re sick.’ I never thought it would be COVID.”

She was taken to the hospital by ambulance because her oxygen was low. “They were asking about other illnesses but I didn’t have anything else,” Lucio said. “It was April 7 or 8 and I tested positive so I started talking to family and friends to let them know.”

On that Saturday she was still awake but that night there was a problem and Lucio lost consciousness. “I was basically sedated for three or four weeks after that,” she said. “When I woke up it was May. I had no idea how many weeks had gone by.”

Lucio couldn’t speak because she was intubated. “I never thought I’d spend so much time in the hospital but I never lost hope,” she said. “If you have faith in God you can make it. I told the doctor that I spoke to God and I want to be outside and live my life.”

“Last year’s experience singing to the doctors and nurses and seeing the masks that they wore spoke volumes about the hard work they do,” said Boye. “It really did affect me. If I can bring some music, laughter and fun and be a light in someone’s life for 30 minutes it’s worth it.”

Boye said he had to cancel 170 concerts due to COVID. “I haven’t been performing since last year. My wife said ‘get out of the house you’re driving me crazy.’ I had a new found love of what music is. COVID can’t kill the music. I started giving free concerts because I know how important it is.”

“Ana is part of the Lakeview family,” said CEO Troy Wood. “We love you. She made friends with some of the staff and they even drop by to see her at work. We have a lot of angels who work here.”

Boye sang the song “Still Breathing,” to the crowd. “It didn’t mean too much to me until I sang during COVID,” he said. “There are things way more contagious than COVID – it’s love, joy and optimism.”