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Summer program mixes education with fun

Jun 04, 2021 01:14PM ● By Becky Ginos

NORTH SALT LAKE—School’s out – now what? Keeping the kids busy during the summer can be tough but Foxboro Elementary is offering a seven-week program to help children learn while having fun.

“We have a desire to not only give kids that extra umph in learning but to continue the positive environment they’ve had at school,” said Principal Chris Whitaker. “It’s enrichment but fun stuff too.”

The summer school starts June 14 and runs through July 29. “It’s in the station rotation model,” she said. “They’ll have the opportunity for English language arts and math online provided by AmeriCorps. It’s a federal program with volunteers that get an educational stipend toward school. They’re usually older high school kids or college students. We’ll have a couple of STEM classes and fine arts that will change every week.”

The classes are taught by our teachers and aides, said Whitaker. “They’re designed by our gifted and talented teacher. It gives kids the chance to catch up or for those who want enrichment. It’s open to any student.”

Foxboro will also be offering free summer lunch again this year. “Any individual between the ages of one and 18 can come eat lunch,” she said. “They don’t have to live in the district. Parents can purchase lunch but the kids eat free. We’re excited about the program. Kids can get out of class and eat lunch before going home.”

Whitaker said they’re flexible about children who don’t attend Foxboro participating in the summer program. “They can get in touch with us. We’ll also have a bus from the local daycare that brings them here and back. Otherwise those kids couldn’t come so we arranged for a district bus to do that.”

The goal is to keep children engaged. “We’re anxious to maintain that connection with the kids,” she said. “This seems like a great way to do it.”