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Students ‘DANCE’ their way through school

Jun 10, 2021 01:25PM ● By Becky Ginos

Staff members Haley Bowman and Sophie Rindlisbaker join in the fun at Muir Elementary’s DANCE day.

BOUNTIFUL—The last day of school is always fun, but for students at Muir Elementary it was the culmination of a year’s worth of dancing. The administration at the school came up with the theme DANCE that stands for Dedicated, Attentive, Noble, Courteous and Enthusiastic to help the kids stay connected during a difficult year.

“Each month the student council would record a video teaching the kids dances like the Electric Slide and Macarena,” said Vice Principal Shelly Truelson. “We usually have a dance party on the first day of class but that got cancelled so everyone danced in their own class to the same music.”

They (student council) recorded it, edited it and sent it out, she said. “It still gave them the sense of gathering as a school even though we couldn’t be together. Principal (Scott) Richardson was worried that there wouldn’t be the camaraderie as a school if we couldn’t gather. He was scared the isolation would not be pleasant so he came up with a way to virtually interact.”

As restrictions lessened they were able to dance outside, Truelson said. “The staff, teachers and students all loved it. The principal and I wore flashy costumes and danced with all 600 kids.”

Truelson said they kept to the dances the kids had learned. “All the grades K-6 met on the hill. Some students were a little reluctant (to dance) but with some encouragement they started dancing along with us. It was really fun.”

Everyone had such a good time, she said. “It was a great way to start the day. The principal brought his BBQ grill and cooked hot dogs. It gave them a little something special. It was a long, crazy year we had so it was a great way to end.”

The teachers showed such perseverance to come to school and continue the learning, said Truelson. “They really nailed it – all of them.”