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Hanson has been the glue that holds the commission office together

Jun 10, 2021 01:44PM ● By Becky Ginos

Janet Hanson with Davis County Commissioners Lorene Kamalu, Bob Stevenson and Randy Elliott. Courtesy photo

FARMINGTON—It’s been 17 years since Janet Hanson was walking the halls of the Memorial Courthouse admiring the artwork when she had the thought that this was somewhere she could see herself working. Now after all those years at the commission office Hanson retired as office manager May 27.

“There was an opening for an intake person in corrections,” said Hanson. “I thought it would be a way to get my foot in the door so I put in an application. Then an opening came up in the commission office and they saw that I had previous experience in Salt Lake County. I was interviewed by commissioners McConkie, Page and Cragun and got hired.”

That was a little over 17 years ago, she said. “It was such a great opportunity. I’ve felt blessed ever since.”

Hanson started her career in Salt Lake County. “It was good then we moved back East,” she said. “When we moved back I worked in Salt Lake County again. Then I had an opportunity in the private sector that I wanted to try. When I had my son he really needed me to work from home. I cherished that time.”

After her son started school, she worked as a PE and art specialist. “It was a really fun opportunity to do that,” said Hanson. “Then I did CNA work. I loved working with the elderly, especially in the Alzheimer's unit.”

Hanson said she worked with at least a dozen commissioners throughout the years. “It was a good experience to get to interact with the different personalities and get a broad overview of the county.”

Being in the commission office has brought other opportunities as well, she said. “I’ve been able to watch things get done like Legacy Highway and to see it come to fruition is just exciting. To also see what the tourism office has done like the Great Salt Lake Bird Festival where people come from all over the world and the Davis County Fair that brings the community together. I’m so proud of everybody.”

“Janet has been steady as commissioners come and go,” said Commissioner Lorene Kamalu. “The staff will even train commissioners in some ways. When we have questions she knows where things are and the history. She has been the glue that holds it all together.”

Kamalu said she has especially appreciated Hanson’s professionalism and attention to detail. “Her sense of duty sets her apart. She feels a responsibility and loyalty to the citizens of Davis County. We’re grateful to Janet for her years of service. We will miss her.”

“I’m proud to say I work for Davis County,” said Hanson. “I’ll miss the people and relationships but I’ll continue to have them in my life. It’s just a great job.”