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It may be summer – but learning doesn’t stop in Davis District

Jun 17, 2021 12:40PM ● By Becky Ginos

Children can receive face-to-face instruction as well as online through the district’s summer program. Courtesy

FARMINGTON—It’s two weeks into summer and kids have left school behind, but the district hasn’t. From face-to-face, online and after school programs, families and students have a wide variety of learning opportunities to choose from.

“There are 14 Title I schools that are providing face-to-face instruction four days a week for three hours a day from June 21 – July 29,” said Colleen Smith who is over the Federal and State Program Title I/ESL for the district. “They cover some concepts from the previous year and enrichment in reading math and some science. They also have some summer activities that take the kids outdoors so they can be engaged in active learning.”

It is very comprehensive and all schools utilize the teachers and teacher assistants/tutors, she said. “They teach PE as well as social emotional learning. It is open to children who live within the boundaries of that school.”

Smith said registration forms were sent out before school ended. “It listed the summer camps offered and if they were interested they could fill it out and send it back. But if a parent didn’t get one they can contact their school administration. Some schools are accepting registration right up until the classes start. It’s school by school.”

Students also have an online option, she said. “It’s called the Littles Program and it’s for children who have left kindergarten through third grade. It's a learning opportunity held every day for continued instruction in reading and math. It goes from June 21 through Aug. 6.”

The district also offers an after school program for children who are entering first grade through third grade, said Smith. “It’s a five day a week summer school that runs all day as a support for parents who are working.” 

Davis Connect has summer courses for students in 7 – 12 grades. “They can take courses for credit for one term in an area they missed for free,” said Vanessa Mori, Davis Connect Administrator/Director. “They can work at their own pace as long as they finish by Aug. 6 to receive credit for it.” 

Students can get caught up or get a head start, she said. “There are students who are eager learners who just love to learn. They have the opportunity to take these classes.”

There are remediation courses but there are online classes in math, science and social studies, Mori said. “Students can take things like digital photography, theater, speech and technical writing. There are classes on child development, digital technology, psychology and history.”

Mori said some students take health, PE and Fit for Life. “It helps free up kids who want to pack their schedule with different types of classes in the fall.”

Registration is open until June 30. “There’s still time for kids to enroll,” she said. “They can do it through their myDSD guardian account.”

“We want to be supportive of students over the summer,” said Smith. “It’s nice to have another option. We’re happy to do it.”