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City has agreed to convey property to historic home owner

Jul 08, 2021 01:50PM ● By Wayne Kartchner

The official property line cuts through Jason Lindsey’s Farmington home. Part of his bathroom and laundry is on city-owned property. Courtesy

FARMINGTON—On many historic properties the official property line is not at the location the owner thought it was. In the case of Jason Lindsey’s property the official property line cut through his house.

Lindsey purchased and remodeled the historic home on 600 North. He worked hard on it and made it look beautiful. Last year he found out that the property lines were not where he expected them to be. Part of his bathroom and laundry is actually on city-owned land.

“There was a lack of clarity about the old original property lines that goes back decades and really came to light when the new adjacent Symphony Homes subdivision was recorded,” Lindsey said. 

He approached the city and they agreed to convey the property to Lindsey so that he could wash clothes on his own property instead of city property. One of the city council members suggested, in jest, that they should have breakfast in the home at least once since they own part of it.

Lindsey was very happy with how the city responded. “Dave Peterson and Shane Pace at Farmington (City) were very helpful as we worked through the issues,” he said. “I’m grateful we were able to come up with a resolution that I think is fair for everyone.”

A separate piece of land which is part of the 600 North right of way will also be deeded to  Lindsey. This property is used for parking. Legally the city cannot give this property to him without compensation. The city and Lindsey have agreed on fair market value for the property.

The agreement will clean up the property line which cuts through the historic single-family house, leaving the laundry room and bathroom on city property, as well as preserve water sewer and possibly other easements which may exist related to Rock Mill Lane and 600 North. Farmington City has previously deeded portions of Rock Mill Lane and 600 North rights-of-way to the Symphony Home subdivision.