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Farmington City attracting newcomers

Aug 05, 2021 09:18AM ● By Wayne Kartchner

Multi-family units and single family homes are under construction throughout Farmington. The city has continued to grow with an influx of new residents.

There’s plenty of construction going on in Farmington. It is continuing to grow because many people find the city to be a desirable place to live. Roger and Jeanne Segelke are typical of recent new arrivals. 

The Segelkes were born and raised in Ogden and lived many years in California working for the IRS where they raised their children. All of their children moved to Utah. After retirement, they found a new home in Farmington.

“I never in a million years thought we would move to Farmington, but we wanted a safe neighborhood with kind and wonderful neighbors and Farmington fit the bill,” said Jeanne.

That growth has prompted a surge in construction. The following building permits were granted in Farmington during June and July. In most cases, the dollar figures are approximate.

Residential New Construction: 

16 Single Family dwellings worth $4.5 million

3 carport/garages worth $400,000

No duplexes or multiple dwellings.

Residential Remodels/Alterations/Additions:

1 basement finish for $7,665

7 additions/remodels $132,500

1 swimming pool/spas $21,000

27 other $500,000

Non-Residential New Construction:

2 Commercial $45,000

0 churches, public/institutions or Other

Non-Residential Remodels/Alterations/Additions

3 remodels $424,000

1 public/institutional $50,000

No offices, churches, or other.