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Journal humor writer hosts podcasts

Peri Kinder has been writing her award-winning humor column for The City Journal since 2004. She’s also a life coach, certified yoga and meditation instructor, and a top-selling published author. Now she has started her own podcast series, titled “Life & Laughter” with Peri Kinder.

“Each choice we make moves us toward fear or love. On my Life & Laughter podcast, we’ll talk about those choices and learn how to attract more love and connection – and laughter,” she said.

The podcast launched in July and four episodes have been posted to date:

Our Addiction to Busy-ness: Davis Journal editor Tom Haraldsen

Tackling Imposter Syndrome: Villa Leadership CEO and Founder Merrilee Buchanan

A Conversation for Working Moms: Fashion designer and young mother Kelsee Tia

What Does It Mean to be Spiritual: Former TV personality, certified yoga and meditation instructor and shaman-in-training Amandha Jones

“Each episode is a conversation with someone I really admire, talking to them about the ways they choose love every day,” Kinder said. “When we choose love, we move toward our potential and step into a big, abundant life. When we choose fear, we move away from alignment and that keeps us small.”

On Sept. 8, the fifth episode, Living Bravely with FM-100 radio personality and cancer survivor Rebecca Cressman, will go live.

Kinder’s podcasts are available on Spotify, Anchor, Google Podcasts and other platforms. Visit for more information.

“I’m still learning this whole podcast thing, but it’s been so much fun and I have a ton of great guests lined up for future episodes,” she said. “I’m just livin’ the dream.”