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Bountiful man recognized for bravery

Sep 16, 2021 08:55AM ● By Becky Ginos

Rodolpho Rivera is credited with saving a woman’s life in an apartment fire. Courtesy photo

BOUNTIFUL—It was an ordinary day as Rodolpho Rivera headed to the gym on May 11, 2021 – but what happened next was anything but ordinary.

“I went to get my water bottle from my car,” said Rivera. “I saw some kids outside (the apartment complex) crying. They were so frightened. One said there was a fire but there was no smoke so I didn’t believe them at first.”

Rivera said he asked the children if anyone was home and they said their mother was on the second floor. “I went upstairs and saw flames and smoke in the room. Then I kicked into gear and found a woman trying to fill a bucket with water.”

She was woozy from the smoke and could barely move, he said. “I tried to get her down the stairs but she fell and I couldn’t lift her so I finally had to drag her down the stairs. My first thought was to get her out. The kids were out front and I had to lay her on the grass.”

Rivera said when he left the kitchen it was only a small fire. “I went to get an extinguisher but when I went back up it was engulfed in flames. I called 911 and by then the fire department had come.”

The South Davis Metro Fire department recently honored Rivera for his bravery but he said he’s just glad he was there to help. “If I couldn’t have gotten her out it could have really been bad.  The timing couldn’t have been better.”