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‘Miscommunication is a disease – Udo is the cure’

Oct 14, 2021 09:59AM ● By Becky Ginos

Co-founder Dr. Ryan Facer (center) started Udo with partner and co-founder Danny Fraser two years ago. The company took over the Pluralsight space at Station Park.

FARMINGTON—Growing communication tech company Udo announced last week it will expand its headquarters at Station Park, bringing up to 300 high-paying new jobs to the county.  

“In the tech sector traditionally the view is to go to Lehi or Draper,” said Davis County Community and Economic Development Director Kent Andersen. “We’ve known for a long time that we have a strong workforce in Davis County.”

Farmington is a place of business for tech companies, he said. “They’ve captured the tech industry that is rapidly growing in Utah. We have the workforce to help that growth. We get excited to get companies from the tech cluster. Udo will only solidify that tech cluster.”

The company’s launch product UdoCare is a HIPAA compliant video based mobile application that connects doctors directly with their patients.

“It’s a collaborative tool patients can use to include family into the conversation,” said Chief Revenue Officer Trever Bybee. “It also allows doctors to collaborate with other doctors. It is truly an agnostic platform not limited to the hospital but medical and dental. It works anywhere a patient goes.”

The mobile app is Cloud based so all of a patient’s information is secured in the Cloud, he said. “The patient has control and grants access to their provider or a family member. It is patient driven on their end.”

Chief Product Officer Dr. Ryan Facer started working on the video tech piece in 2006, said Bybee. “Our CEO Danny Fraser was working on improving coordination of care and the two were introduced. A little over two years ago they formed what’s become Udo.”

The name comes from a Nigerian dialect that means peace and calm, he said. “They loved the idea of bringing peace and calm to a chaotic, confusing healthcare system.”

Udo took over the space where Pluralsight was. “We started out in an office of approximately 4,000 square feet and we’re going up to 28,000 square feet,” said Bybee. “We’ve gone from two employees to 63 employees in the last 18 months with plans to add 300 new jobs.”

“We’re seeing more growth in Farmington,” said Brigham Mellor, Farmington Economic Development Director. “We want to encourage a daytime population where people are visiting stores and restaurants for lunch and what have you to expand from being a bedroom community.”

Farmington has a very loyal citizenry, he said. “We have a skilled workforce. Once people are here they just don’t leave, even if they have to commute. But if they’re closer to an employer and don’t have to commute they’ll take the job.”

Udo’s mission statement is “Miscommunication is a disease. Udo is the cure.”

“What’s powerful about it is the ability for families to be included in the care experience,” said Bybee. “It gives immediate access and transparency about what’s happening with a loved one’s case. It ensures better outcomes for the patient.”