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Farmington City Hall is a showcase for art

Nov 08, 2021 04:26PM ● By Wayne Kartchner

A large unsigned picture of rolling clouds over Antelope Island hangs in a corner with a depiction of a shaft of wheat by Rebecca Mann on the other wall. 

Farmington Mayor Jim Talbot is proud of the paintings that adorn the walls of Farmington City Hall, all of which were painted by talented Farmington artists. Visiting City Hall for no other reason than a short date or cultural outing with children is time well spent.

There are several large painting in the entrance of city hall. To the right, behind a tree is a painting of a beautiful field by Karen Foster. Further on in a corner is a large unsigned picture of rolling clouds over Antelope Island faced off by a depiction of a shaft of wheat by Rebecca Mann. 

Near the Building Department office is a large unsigned canvas of a country road and around the corner are two arial photos of Farmington City.

Talbot is most proud of the art on the stairwell on the way up to the city council room. A large painting by Cindy Royball depicts four boys walking down old Farmington Main Street. The beloved Rock Church is in the background and some still recognizable houses behind the boys.

Visitors who come at a time when the City Council room is unlocked and unoccupied are in for a treat. The City Council room has two large photos of old buildings and some great paintings. “Blue Heron Retreat” by Rebecca Mann, “Pioneer Rock Mill” by Brady Hall, “Lagoon Trail Bridge” by Jan Richins, and “Beautiful Main Street in Farmington’ by Cindy Royball. Beautiful Main Street in Farmington is the second painting of Main Street by Cindy Royball which hangs in City Hall. 

The painting “Blue Heron Retreat” is especially inviting to people who walk and bike out at the Farmington Bay Water Fowl Management Area. The painting depicts the five polls holding the Blue Heron nests perfectly.

Aside from the paintings, there is “The Wall of Freedom” on the second floor. This is an excellent collection of reproductions of patriotic paintings depicting the founding of the United States and historic documents. It includes “Washington Crossing the Delaware” by Emanuel Leutze painted in 1851. A painting depicts the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Portions of the Constitution of the United States and other historical documents and reproductions of other famous paintings are also on the wall.

To the left of the entrance embedded in the wall is a time capsule. The capsule was placed in 2010 when Farmington City Hall was completed and is to be opened in 2060, 50 years after the completion of City Hall. 

Near the time capsule, there is a Certificate for Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting 2012 through 2019. Shane Pace Farmington City Manager said that this award is not easy to achieve and represents a great deal of hard work.