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Haderlie takes the helm in WX

Nov 10, 2021 12:33PM ● By Becky Ginos

WOODS CROSS—Bryce Haderlie is an optimist. In spite of COVID, the new Woods Cross City Administrator is looking to the future to support the community’s prosperity. Haderlie took over in October after long-time City Administrator Gary Uresk retired.

“I’ve worked with Gary for years and years,” said Haderlie. “I admire the work that he does and his work ethic. It was helpful to learn from him.”

Haderlie worked for a number of years as a building inspector in Brigham City. “While I was there I was promoted to Community Development Superintendent and was involved in the development in the city. I decided to go into city management.”

In 2005 Haderlie became the town manager at Brian head. “I was there from 2005 to 2013,” he said. “It was a blast. I raised my kids in the mountains by the ski resort. I helped with the development of the ski resort expansion and new projects coming to town. We even built a lake there.”

Haderlie was also on the team that did the planning of a bridge that connects the ski resort. “The ski resort was built on two sides of the road,” he said. “We wanted to interconnect into one place. The neat thing is you don’t have to take your skis off. You used to have to ride a bus to the other side. Now it’s all tied together. It was a lot of fun.”

After leaving Brian head, Haderlie came back to northern Utah as Assistant City Manager in West Jordan, Cottonwood Heights and Midvale. “Because of some political issues with elected officials I decided to move on. I had the opportunity to retire so I retired in 2020.”

State law prohibits a retiree from working in the field for one year, he said. “I did some private work and then came back as a building inspector in South Ogden. I was approached by Woods Cross and decided to apply.”

Haderlie said during the interview process he got to know the great quality of the mayor and city council. “They are so kind and supportive of each other and the staff. There’s a rural feel with open pastures and a slower pace of a comfortable hometown. I want to maintain that culture of friendliness.”

At Brian head, Haderlie said he responded to fires, police matters and did snow removal. “It gave me a good perspective of relating to all departments and what they’re trying to accomplish. I want to see those departments succeed and accomplish their goals so the city can grow and be prosperous.”

Haderlie wants to keep the momentum of what the city’s been doing going. “I definitely want to protect the residential atmosphere and keep neighborhoods feeling safe. It’s a good place to raise a family and good values are taught here in this community.”

Woods Cross Mayor Rick Earnshaw didn’t seek reelection so Haderlie will also be working with someone new. “We’ll be meeting in January to determine our vision of where we want to go in the future,” he said. “We want to look to the future and say ‘what do we want to leave our children and how can we leave our community in a better place because of our efforts.’”

Haderlie looks forward to working in Woods Cross. “My goal is to stay here and retire here.”