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This artist’s makeup is bringing the dead to life at Lagoon’s Frightmares

Nov 10, 2021 12:49PM ● By Sarah Segovia

Lorenzo (left) and Felix (right) actors at Lagoon’s Frightmares with Black and White Clown makeup airbrushed by Jocelyn Diane.

Halloween may be over, but for airbrushing makeup artist Jocelyn Diane, it was quite a ride making scary creatures come to life during Lagoon’s Frightmares.

“What I love is that every day is different,” said Diane. “My two favorite looks I have airbrushed so far this Halloween season were black-and-white clowns and a creepy doll. You can put makeup on anyone, but if the person really gets into playing that character, it makes all the difference.” 

Frightmares consists of about 10 different haunted attractions. “I mainly do the makeup for Malevolent Manor, but I dabble in different areas of the park,” she said. “We always have to be ready to do whoever is sent to us.” 

Managers at Frightmares choose the characters for each actor, while the makeup artists bring them to life. “My favorite part of my job, besides getting to do the makeup itself, is getting to see the reaction of the actors when they see their faces in the mirror afterwards,” Diane said.

“Saturdays are my favorite days at the park,” she said. “On Saturdays, they stagger the time each house opens, so that the makeup team isn’t overwhelmed with all 300 actors at once. I do makeup for 15-25 people on an average Saturday. It usually takes between 10-30 minutes per actor. That means I do makeup for about six-eight hours a day.” 

Diane realized at a young age that makeup artistry was her passion. “When I was 15, I started working at Frightmares,” she said. 

Shortly after she was hired, the hiring age at the park was changed to 16. “I almost lost my job, but the costume and makeup manager fought for me,” said Diane. “I have been working here every fall since then.” 

Now, 19-year-old Diane has completed her cosmetology degree at Davis Technical College. “I am a certified makeup artist, nail technician and a hair designer, but my specialty is airbrushing makeup,” she said. “Eventually, my main goal is to be able to do makeup for movie sets.” 

 A jack-of-many trades in cosmetology, Diane also enjoys a variety of other creative pursuits. “In my spare time, I love to read, paint, sculpt and I also have some video games that I really enjoy.”  

Visit Diane at G.O.A.T. barber shop in Clinton or contact her on Instagram @jocelyn_diane_beauty to see more of her work or DM her for airbrushing inquiries.