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Davis Journal

Our New Year wishes for each of you

Jan 03, 2022 09:30AM ● By The Andersons

Exactly one week before Christmas, we were involved in a car accident on the freeway. We’d just merged onto I-80, accelerating as we changed from the right to the center lane. As we crested a knoll, there, just ahead of us, was a red car – completely stopped because the driver wanted to merge into the right hand lane. We immediately braked. We couldn’t swerve left or right because of cars in the lanes beside us. There simply wasn’t enough distance between us and the stopped red car for us to avoid hitting her.

Adrenaline is an interesting thing. When it hits, events seem to unfold very, very slowly. This was our experience that day, though in reality, we know it all occurred in a matter of seconds.

It’s amazing how much information can be processed as things play out in slow motion. The ability of our senses to capture so many details. We were keenly aware of what was happening which allowed us the ability to react calmly in the moment.

We don’t recall either of us saying anything, although it was apparent we were both aware of an impending crash. We remember the sounds of other cars braking – the vivid sound of rubber tires squealing as drivers attempted to slow. Then the impact. And then, silence.

It’s in the silence that events return to real time. It’s in the silence that the hand and body tremors start.

Thankfully, everyone involved was not hurt. That said, the accident was a very vivid reminder how quickly life can change, and how horrible the outcome could have been. What if there’d been an 18-wheeler behind us? It would have been tragic.

And just like that, an unexpected event causes a realignment of priorities.

Life is fleeting, as are jobs, tasks, hobbies, etc... What is most important? For us, it is our faith, our family, and service. Are we spending our time and talents where they are most needed?

Not long ago, a leader in our church gave a talk wherein he discussed the difference between good, better and best.

Are we focused on things that are merely good? What would be a better focus? What would be the best?

Every day is unpredictable. Though there is very little that we can control, we can, and should, set goals. We can, most certainly, control our thoughts and our behaviors.

We wish you joy, peace and prosperity in the New Year. May we all strive to be the best versions of ourselves, and to set goals that are meaningful in every way. A wise man once said, “How you do anything is how you do everything.” Let us seek to do well in every way.