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Catalyst Center propels students into their future

Feb 10, 2022 10:50AM ● By Becky Ginos

KAYSVILLE—High school is a time for self discovery and planning for the future. At the new Davis School District Catalyst Center students can do both while gaining the skills to be successful out in the real world.

“We foster creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and collaboration,” said Principal Brian Hunt. “We offer the best world class educational experience. This building is designed for our unique instructional model.”

The district bought the office building at 1265 Sportsplex Drive in Kaysville two years ago and had it remodeled into a state-of-the-art facility. They also purchased 3.5 acres of land adjacent to the building for future expansion. 

The Catalyst Center is part of the nationally recognized CAPS Network (Center for Advanced Professional Studies), said Hunt. “It’s project based learning. Students work with professionals and work on projects for real businesses.”

Students come to the Center during a double block schedule at their high school on A and B days, he said. “We want to make it equitable for all students so we provide transportation from all of the high schools so that transportation is not a barrier.” 

The high schools have an outstanding CTE program, Hunt said. “This just offers some different opportunities that are available here.”

Catalyst works hand-in-hand with industry partners and instructors who have a background in the industry. “People here have the technical knowledge and professional skills to work with the students to teach them to communicate well and collaborate well,” he said. “We want them to have an entrepreneurial mindset so when they approach problems they don’t give up but they work for a solution and understand what the current industry trends are.”

Catalyst offers nine programs:

Audio & Video Production

Business, Marketing & Entrepreneurship

Culinary Arts


Game Development/Adv. Programming

Graphic Design

Medical Assisting

Pharmacy Technician

Unmanned Systems

The Center has a professional grade kitchen where culinary arts students cater for the school’s cafe. “We want them to have an authentic work experience but we want them to have time to learn,” Hunt said.

“Our graphics class is working on a menu design for the Catalyst Cafe,” said Kallie Goodfellow, a senior at Davis High. “We’ll incorporate pictures of food to create a professional grade product.”

“We’re also doing album covers for bands,” said Farmington High senior Alyssa Farwell. “It’s cool because I want to go into digital marketing so I can use both the marketing and design side of it.”

Both girls love Catalyst so far. “The environment is amazing,” Goodfellow said. “Here you’re viewed as an adult. There’s a higher level of respect and responsibility. Everybody here wants to be here.”

“The better students get to know themselves the better decisions they’ll make,” said Hunt. “We want students to find their passion and grow that passion.” λ