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Beloved Woods Cross buffalo getting a makeover

Mar 04, 2022 02:13PM ● By Becky Ginos

WOODS CROSS—There’s been something missing at Hogan Park – the buffalo. It was put in place as part of the 2002 Olympics but it’s become an icon in the community. It’s been so well loved that it’s gone out for repair.

“The buffalo’s horns broke off,” said Woods Cross Public Works Director Sam Christiansen. “It left sharp edges and we didn’t want anyone to get hurt.”

 For years people have enjoyed looking at it and taking fun photos with it, he said. “They use it to climb on but it’s made out of fiberglass and it’s not meant to be used that way.” 

The buffalo has been repaired one or two times before, Christiansen said. “Hopefully we can get it repaired again and get it back out there. We might try to swap it out with something that can withstand the use. Fiberglass can only be repaired so many times. It’s a fun little thing people have fond memories of.”

Another activity going on around City Hall is geocaching, he said. “Stuff is hidden and you have to go on a fun geocache treasure hunt. The adventure is trying to find it.”

There’s a little treasure box and people leave something in it, said Christiansen. “We see groups of people looking around the park – they just love it.”

Plans for Hogan Park itself are nearing the end of the design phase, he said. “The city purchased property by Mills Park to put in parking so we’re taking a step back on Hogan Park to make sure we can properly fund it.”