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Caren Kahan represents Davis County at the Mrs. Utah America pageant

Apr 08, 2022 09:04AM ● By Tom Haraldsen

When Mrs. Davis County steps on the stage at Weber State University on Saturday, March 26, for the Mrs. Utah America pageant, she’ll represent a community she’s grown to adore over the last few years.

Farmington resident Caren Kahan hadn’t planned on becoming a pageant participant, but when she moved here from Southern California, her friend convinced her to give it a shot. After she was named Mrs. Davis County in October, she’s been preparing for the upcoming event and is excited to represent the county.

“I just love this area,” Kahan said. “The views are incredible, the people are absolutely wonderful and we just love all of our neighbors. You get the greatest of all the world here.”

In California, Kahan and her husband, Chris, spent a lot of time serving on the boards of charitable organizations, donating money and volunteering time. So it’s no surprise to those who know her that Kahan’s pageant platform is #SimplyGiving. Part of her platform will highlight local businesses that are making a positive impact in the community. 

A Facebook page called SimplyGiving Utah gives Kahan a place for posting about volunteer opportunities and fans can follow her as she donates her time and talents to charitable groups.

Kahan has worked with cancer organizations and currently serves on the Relay For Life cancer walk committee, but she’s fallen in love with the Davis County Animal Shelter, helping abandoned or mistreated animals. She even set up an Amazon wish list so people could donate items to the shelter like food, toys, and blankets. 

“Animals are so incredibly pure,” Kahan said. “They’re innocent and really depend on their human parent for their entire life. Being Mrs. Davis County gives me the opportunity to go to nonprofits and be involved.”

Recently, the Kahans were devastated to learn that their own pet, a 14-year-old boxer/mastiff, Miles, has bone cancer and won’t have long to live. She said getting the news was a real blow since they’ve had him in their lives for so many years. They intend to make the most of the time they have left.

“We’re spoiling him rotten,” she said. “If he wants more snuggles, I stop what I’m doing to give him more snuggles. I’ve really stepped up my level of spoiling. My husband and I aren’t able to have children and Miles has really filled that void.”

Kahan said being in a pageant is a lot of work but as she gets to know the other contestants she feels honored to build relationships with powerful women who are seeking personal excellence. The Mrs. Utah America pageant is the next step to the Mrs. America pageant that will be held in Las Vegas later this year.

“It is such a privilege to represent Davis County,” she said. “I’ve fallen in love with my new community. I take a lot of pride in being a mentor and a role model for girls watching these contestants.”

By visiting, people can get more information about the pageant and vote for the participant they feel best represents Utah with the state costume contest. Kahan’s theme is a seagull because it pays homage to her hometown state of California while representing her new state of Utah. 

“I’m not much of a public speaker and being on stage in a swimsuit under those lights is really intimidating,” she said. “But everyone has their own beauty and I want people to know they can be comfortable in their own skin.” l