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Coalition’s focus is on preventing underage drinking

Apr 08, 2022 09:16AM ● By Becky Ginos

Scott Radmall and his children Matthew, Tommy and Edie listen to a CTC member about how to build a strong family connection.

BOUNTIFUL—Statistics show that children are the most susceptible to underage drinking between the ages of 12 and 17. In an effort to help curb that trend, the South Davis Communities that Care (CTC) hosted a Parents Empowered event at the South Davis Recreation Center last Friday to give parents tips on how to talk to their kids.

“We’ve put up prevention signs by the pool and in the Junior Jazz area,” said Danielle Kaiser, prevention specialist with Davis Behavioral Health. “We’re trying to let the community know what we’re doing and teach parents how to be empowered. Tools like bonding with their kids, setting boundaries, monitoring and how to have fun with them.”

Checking in, setting rules and being proactive decreases the likelihood of drinking underage, she said. “In the future we’ll have more parenting programs to decrease risk and increase protection.”

CTC is part of a state initiative that is narrowed down to communities. “It’s an evidence based program,” said Kaiser. “Davis Behavioral Health adopted this model. We’ve split up the county (north/south) so it’s a more manageable population to tailor prevention methods a little bit more. It’s made up of people in the community, school representatives, parents, law enforcement, city council members and others.”

“We’re partnering with them (CTC),” said South Davis Recreation Center Executive Director Tif Miller. “They were able to go up for a grant to work with us on getting some signage that promotes Parents Empowered and preventing underage drinking.”

 Families come to the rec. center so it’s a good place to talk about underage drinking and the benefits of staying away from that as youth, said Kaiser. “Talking to your children and setting goals shows them what their parents value and they will listen to their parents more.”

“Our goal is strengthening families,” said Sharilee Griffiths, coordinator of Discovery Family Coalition. “It’s a statewide program but Davis County is one of our strongest areas.”

Discovery Family Adventures is a free service to help parents improve their skills in what they don’t know but mostly remind them of what they do know, she said. “They can earn adventure points for a free family reward event like admission to SeaQuest, etc. so they can go as a family. We’re rewarding them for what they should be doing. It’s intentional parenting made easy.”

It’s super easy for parents to really be the best they can be, said Griffiths. “We have hundreds of resources for families. We’re here to support anyone and everyone who helps kids.”

The CTC event offered free admission to the rec. center and a drawing for an annual pass. Each table had coalition members giving information about Parents Empowered and tips on connecting with children.

“I like how positive it is,” said one parent who was there with his family. “They’re giving quick educational things to do with the kids. They say sometime in grades six through 12 children will be asked if they want to drink. I have a sixth grader. She’s still a baby, why are they doing that?”

Parents should remember the five Ws, he said. “Where are you going? Who will you be with? What will you be doing? When will you get home? Will there be alcohol? If you create a bond and set boundaries and keep the conversation open it just helps. That way everybody knows the expectation.”

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