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Kaysville stands in solidarity with Ukraine

Apr 08, 2022 12:49PM ● By Cindi Mansell

February 28, 2022 was a very special night in Kaysville

Kaysville proudly stands with other cities and the State of Utah with Ukraine. Thanks to Mayor Tami Tran, the City Council, Public Works Director Josh Belnap, and Public Works Maintenance Employee Zach O’Brien, they were able to light the Kaysville Star the night of February 28,  to stand in solidarity with Ukraine.

Mayor Tran and the City Council had asked if it would be possible to turn on the star to show support, and Belnap and O’Brien were the ones who hiked the hill to cover the bulbs in blue cellophane. 

On March 3, the Kaysville City Council unanimously adopted a proclamation to stand in solidarity with Ukraine and the people fighting for their freedom, including the people of the United States Armed Forces. On February 23,  the Russian military began a brutal assault on the people of Ukraine without provocation, justification, or necessity. This invasion was premeditated and planned by the Russian Federation, namely its President Vladimir Putin, for months. Individuals serving in the United States Armed Forces, at Hill Air Force Base, and locations around the world, could be affected significantly by this invasion; and lasting peace and prosperity require respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of countries and respect for human rights. 

The Council commended the courage, resolve, and restraint shown by the Ukrainian people in their pursuit of sovereignty and democracy and paid tribute to the many men and women who gave their lives in pursuit of a free and democratic Ukraine. The Council stated that it stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and Ukraine's fight to defend its sovereignty, territorial integrity, and the freedom of its citizens. 

Council members urged the United States federal government and its allies to take substantive action to punish the Russian Federation for its evil actions and restore peace in Europe. l