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Boarding service does it all for the love of a dog

Apr 08, 2022 12:57PM ● By Theresa Hammer

Brandon Miles is as laidback as they come and his passion for providing comforting care for his own dog, radiates through in his business.

Backyard Dogcare and Boarding, located in North Salt Lake at 1475 W. Center Street #300, borrows years of Miles’ exposure to his mother’s daycare program and translates this into caring for dogs. 

“Dogs are family members, and the same concept is used here as it is for daycare,” Miles said.

The attention to detail for the dogs onsite comes from the desire to have a place that felt like home for his own dog. Miles brings his own dog, Cooper to the facility daily, which initially drove him to open this business upon failure to find this level of care elsewhere.

“We get nervous parents all the time,” he said. “My standards are high because my own dog is here all the time. We send pictures and videos of the dogs to the owners at their request. I think anyone should be able to see their dog at any time.” 

Often referred to as a “man’s best friend” Miles recalls leaning into his own dog during some difficult years following a divorce and the impact of COVID. “We began the funding process just before COVID,” he said. “We opened in October 2020. As a new business, there wasn’t any funding available to us and we had to really promote everything ourselves.”

Miles has a love for sharing his success with others. “By having a business, I am able to give back more to the community than I would on a personal level.” 

The facility hosts a charity event “Sit with Santa” at Christmas. Miles said that “most Santas in the area will not host events with dogs and we feel lucky to have one that works with the local Humane Society and is comfortable with dogs to do this.” The proceeds from these events go to the Best Friends (no kill) shelter, helping to save dogs.

Additionally, Miles collaborates with Animal Care of Davis County to offer discounted vaccination clinics at the facility to any local dog owner. Many of the current members come from the local Foxboro area, through grassroots word-of-mouth referrals. 

The passion Miles has is without question, as he interrupts his day to “heat up one of the lunches for a dog here.” 

Follow Backyard Dogcare and Boarding on Facebook or on their website page to see service information, upcoming food and supply drives, and future overflow shelter opportunities. l