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Board appoints new district superintendent

May 06, 2022 11:09AM ● By Becky Ginos

Assistant Superintendent Jackie Thompson congratulates Dr. Daniel Linford after his appointment as the new Davis School District superintendent. Photo by Becky Ginos

FARMINGTON—The Davis School District Board of Education voted unanimously during a special meeting on Wednesday to appoint Dr. Daniel R. Linford as the next superintendent. Linford will succeed Reid Newey who is retiring as superintendent in June. He will officially begin his position on July 1.

Linford currently serves as a secondary school director for the district and was among seven finalists for the position. 

“To my district family I thank you so much,” said Linford. “I want to thank the board for my appointment. This is difficult work and I am grateful and humbled. I appreciate the work you do.”

With his appointment, Linford becomes the 19th superintendent in the Davis School District. Linford has 23 years of experience in education and began his career teaching high school English. He became the assistant principal of Viewmont High School in 2005, then principal in 2011. Linford obtained his bachelor’s degree in English teaching from Weber State 

University and a master’s degree and doctorate in Educational Leadership & Policy from the University of Utah.

The district has been under a microscope after a Department of Justice investigation showed widespread racial discrimination but Linford said he is prepared to tackle the issues.

“We’re deep in the process with the DOJ,” he said. “We’re taking a rigorous approach. We’ve hired Dr. Jackie Thompson as an assistant superintendent and I trust her work. We’ve also created an Office of Equal Opportunity. I believe in our ability to respond to all things with the DOJ.”

Linford said he sees reports of discrimination come across his desk every day. “It certainly happens here, but we want to lead out. We’re compelled to lead out. If a day or two goes by without a report we never stop and wipe our brow. We never have the mindset that we’ve conquered it.”

After his appointment was announced, people in the audience lined up to give hugs and congratulations. “He is well prepared for the position,” said Janeal Magalei, District director over Research and Assessment. “He has a wide scope of the district.”

“With any decision he has an idea of how to solve it,” said Traci Robbins, school director for the district. He can peel back the layers to resolve a problem. It’s profoundly inspiring to see all the principals in the auditorium. That spoke volumes that they back him and want to follow him. I’m thrilled beyond words.”

 The Board issued the following statement:

“The Davis School District Board of Education unanimously affirms Dr. Daniel Linford as the new superintendent of Schools. The board is confident about this decision after a robust process of community engagement, stakeholder reviews, portfolio evaluations and interviews. Linford is highly qualified and well respected in DSD and across the state for his work ethic and academic rigor. He has applied his teaching and administrative experience to support schools across the district in his director role. We see Linford as an innovative leader who will utilize his communication skills and open-minded approach to be a problem-solver and relationship builder.

“The board recognizes the unique challenges of our time and expects leadership that is accountable and equitable in working with all stakeholders. We look forward to continued excellence and progress in Davis District with Linford’s collaborative leadership and commitment to student achievement.”

“I’m excited to be in this role and this time,” said Linford. “I care about students from all backgrounds’ academic success. Education is the great equalizer. We just want to provide an incredible education.”

 After his appointment, Linford thanked all of the people who work in the district but most of all teachers. “They go to war every day and go home and wish they could have done more,” he said. “They’re the best human beings on the planet.” λ