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Centerville couple share great date night ideas in Davis County that are fun, different and unique

May 06, 2022 02:35PM ● By By Sarah Segovia

Farmington local Amberly Lambertsen was looking for fun date night ideas and found a passion for sharing them with her community.“People go on all these fun vacations, but miss what is right in their own backyard,” said Lambertsen, Family Life Educator and creator of Davis County Dates. “I come up with local fun date night ideas in Davis County and go on those dates with my husband and share the photos and ideas on my Instagram.”

Lambertsen said she saw on social media how everyone in Salt Lake City went on all these fun date nights and she wished there were more fun things to do in Davis County. “Then I thought no, there has to be fun things to do here too. At first I was just looking for ideas for myself, but I wanted to branch out and share all that Davis County has to offer. I wanted to show everyone there are great date night night ideas right here that are fun, different, and unique.”

Her goal is to help couples keep date night fresh and fun. “I want to help people get out of their date night ruts and to go out there to try a new restaurant or activity,” she said. “Even if you like to have a routine like going out to the movies, just going to a new theater can add some excitement.” 

Research has shown that relationships thrive when effort is made to create newness and novelty, said Lambertsen. “Keeping a sense of adventure in your relationship helps to keep romance alive, increases relationship satisfaction and strengthens your marriage. Doing something even a little new, it doesn’t even have to be big, helps you to keep discovering new things together and keeps those feelings of excitement and newness alive.”  

Lambertsen and her husband both grew up in Centerville and are very familiar with Davis County. “When my husband and I started dating, we would go on walks together to get to know each other,” she said. “We would start at Jennings Lane, walk to Parrish Lane and then on to Main Street and loop back around. We loved walking and talking together and even now that is still an important tradition for us, so we are always finding new routes to walk together. Walking and talking is a great way to connect with your partner and helps to keep the ideas flowing.”  

Their favorite date night was a staycation at the Hyatt at Station Park in Farmington, Lambertsen said. “Even though it was only a few miles from home we had never stayed there before and it was a great experience. We also hiked the Wild Rose Trail in North Salt Lake, where you have the perfect view of all of Davis County and can see all the planes landing. We hiked up there and watched the sunset.”

Lambertsen said they really don’t leave Davis County often because there is so much they like doing and want to do there. “We love Station Park because there are always new things going on and it’s fairly inexpensive,” she said. “Station Park has a movie theater, an art studio and so much more. In the winter, they have ice bumper cars and in the summer we love to hang out and talk for hours near fountains and listen to the music playing. Once, we saw a cute older couple who danced to the music for at least an hour near the fountains.” 

There are many other great date night places in Davis County too, she said. “Farmington Bay Wildlife Area is a great place to bird watch, see bald eagles, and explore some new trails. Farmington Main Street is fun to walk. There is a cute coffee shop called Caffe Torino that has some tasty crepes and drinks. CenterPoint Theatre is a community theater with a great selection of plays. Kaysville pond is great for fishing or walking. There are also 500 miles of trails in the county alone. My advice is to be willing to explore your area and ask other people what their favorite dates are and you will end up with a bunch of new things you haven’t tried before.” 

For more fun date night ideas follow @daviscountydates on Instagram and Facebook or check out for a roundup of local events and date night ideas. Including some fun Mother’s Day date night ideas. λ