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Catie Wirz serves as youth mayor for the 2022 Farmington Youth City Council

May 06, 2022 02:41PM ● By Peri Kinder

For the first time in two years, a new Farmington Youth City Council was sworn in as leaders in the city. YCC Mayor Catie Wirz, a 17-year-old junior at Farmington High School, will lead the council of 24 members through the next year as they plan for events, activities and service projects to benefit the Farmington community. 

“Being mayor doesn’t make me any more important in the youth council,” she said. “It just means I have more responsibilities and help people a little more.”

Although she joined the YCC as a ninth-grader, COVID derailed the council for a couple of years. YCC members started their 2022 tenure at the Easter Egg hunt in April and will organize the fall dinner theater program, plan the Christmas with Santa event and help the city prepare for Farmington’s Festival Days. The weeklong celebration features live music, pickleball, basketball, bike races, parade, 5K and 10K, games and activities in the park, and a fireworks display.

Emily Pace is a volunteer YCC advisor, acting as a liaison between the city and youth council. She said because of COVID, the YCC is basically starting from scratch. 

“A lot of what they’re gaining is being part of a community and sacrificing part of their time to help out,” Pace said. “Most kids that apply are very busy and very good students. They have to learn how to manage their time.”

To qualify to serve on the YCC, applicants must live in Farmington, be in high school (ninth to 12th grade) and be willing to set a good example to youth in the community. The Farmington City website describes the purpose of the Farmington YCC as, “Initiating, recommending, planning and implementing activities and programs . . .which promote and enhance youth citizenship and volunteerism within Farmington City.” 

Wirz first wanted to be a member of the YCC when she was younger and living in Centerville. She saw that city’s YCC participating in a parade and told her mom that’s what she wanted to do. Now she gets that chance.

“It gives me a good opportunity to serve,” Wirz said. “I’ve learned a lot of leadership skills and ways to help people. It’s a way to put others first and help the community.”

Although she hasn’t considered serving in local government, Wirz said she’s enjoyed attending Farmington’s city council meetings, which each YCC member is asked to attend at least twice during their tenure.

“I only had to stay for an hour but I stayed for the whole session,” she said. “I think it’s so cool to see how the city works from the back end. It’s made me consider doing something in government in the future.”

The 2022 Farmington YCC members are Catie, Logan Anderson, Audrey Barker, Halle Crockett, Kelsey Dearden, Lina Dunn,,Spencer Freebairn, Ella Johnston, Rachel Lee, Maya Leeman, Will Manwaring, Avery Nobles, Isabel Oldroyd, Reagan Peterson, Lisa Rasmussen, Emma Robbins, Amelia Smith, Wesley Stetler, Ginger Smith, Jacob Smith and Maddie Wayment. λ