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Davis schools engage public on social media

Jun 06, 2022 01:48PM ● By Hannah Sandorf Davis

Social media can be an essential way to update community members about events and happenings at a school. In the wake of COVID-19 closures more parents are looking for ways to engage with the school online. “Parents use social media to find photos from events and other school happenings,” said Foxboro teacher Korbie Harrison. “When we had our annual Halloween party students wanted to find pictures of themselves online in costume. They feel special being represented online.”

Woods Cross Elementary school uses its Facebook page to update community members about happenings in and outside of the school. “A big thanks to Mrs. Dart for inspiring our young artists, and for the young artists inspiring all of us!” one post about the school’s annual art show reads. Posts about the summer camp series, recreation sports, and Utah State Fair reading challenge are also recent additions. 

Woods Cross Elementary school also uses social media to recognize students who are nominated for a recurring tradition, Lunch with the Chief. Students are nominated by teachers for their good deeds and as a reward eat lunch at the Woods Cross Police Department with the Assistant Chief. Students are also treated to a sniff demonstration by one of the K9 detection dogs.

The social media for Foxboro Elementary follows a similar pattern of community events and some student highlights. Foxboro also utilizes Facebook to help distribute its newsletter updates making it easy for those not on the email list to find content and information about events. Recent posts include information about the Foxboro Graduate Parade, where alumni are welcomed back to the school to walk through the halls and remember their time at the school.

The approach from Orchard Elementary School is different. Instead of posting about ways to get involved, Orchard focuses on the people behind the scenes at the school that keep things running. “This is Orchard’s magic maker – Ms. Mica. Every day, Orchard’s School Mama, makes sure all Eagles have what they need to have the best day possible,” Orchard writes about the school secretary. From the custodial staff to the crossing guard, Orchard’s Facebook page is a tapestry of all the parts that keep a student going.

Other Davis School District schools follow the same principles with a focus on student success, fundraising, and community events. “Social media can be a very dark and negative space,” said Harrison. “Taking time to celebrate with students and sharing it on social media can help us focus on the small, happy moments of connection during the school year.”

Besides the official school pages, many schools in the district have pages for their PTA that focuses specifically on PTA events. “The PTA focuses on teacher appreciation, fundraising for the school, and a calendar of events chosen at a state-wide level with some chapter freedom,” said Alisa Van Langeveld, Foxboro PTA president. Following a school’s and PTA’s social media pages is a quick way to receive updates about what is happening at the school, get to know faculty and staff, and learn about the needs and challenges of students. l