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County considers library land swap with Centerville

Jun 09, 2022 10:33AM ● By Becky Ginos

CENTERVILLE—The county and Centerville City are working out a possible land swap of property where the library sits and a parcel in Founders Park.

“We own a portion of Founders Park that they’re using for their park and they own property the library is on,” said Davis County Clerk/Auditor Curtis Koch. “They’re similar in size. We control their property and they control ours. There’s been some discussion about the city property coming to the county and the county property to the city.”

It needs to be beneficial to both parties, he said. “If we worked out a straight up swap that would be beneficial to everybody.”

Koch said it’s not uncommon for libraries to be built on city property. “We have multiple libraries in the county on city property. It’s not that rare and it’s beneficial to the community and the county. We partner with cities quite a bit on libraries. It’s all part of a lease agreement. The county maintains the property it resides on.”

 Fifty years from now when a library needs to be built the county needs to have property for the future, he said. “The city needs property for parks in the future too.”

The proposal has been submitted to the Centerville administration, said Koch. “We’re waiting for the document to be drafted. It’s just a clean up item. I’m not sure when it will happen. When we have the land swap agreement it will go before the commission.”

It’s been great to work with some fantastic people in Centerville City, he said. “We’ll see if it all works out.” λ