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Get ready to compete in the Kaysville quest

Jun 16, 2022 10:26AM ● By Anna Pro

Gather together a team and get ready to compete in the first ever Kaysville Quest. 

The Kaysville Quest will be held July 15-16, and is a giant scavenger/adventure hunt that lasts 24 hours. The last day to register a team is June 26, and $20 is the entry fee for each team.

 Teams of four will compete by completing various challenges across Kaysville and Davis County. The goal is to rack up as many points as possible by completing the challenges; each challenge will be assigned a point value. 

Challenges can range from tying a shoe to reaching the end of a hike. Mystery challenges and obstacles will be thrown teams’ way throughout the 24 hours to keep teams on their toes.

“24 hours may seem impossible for some but each team will go at their own pace,” said Harrison  Haslam, who is in charge of the quest. “Teams can sleep when they want to, divide and conquer when applicable, and attempt as many or as little challenges as they want. This can be very competitive for some, but for others it doesn’t have to be.”

Haslam is encouraging anyone to put together a team and sign up. The only requirement is the team captain has to be 16 years old or older, and have a valid drivers license. 

Teams are required to attend the mandatory kickoff event on Friday, July 15 at 6 p.m. at Barnes Park. The kickoff event will last for two hours. 

At the kickoff event, teams will check-in, receive their challenge packet, event materials, and sponsored goodies. Local businesses, food trucks and vendors will also be at the kickoff, hosting mini challenges to help get their list rolling. Teams will be given their access code to sign into the app and begin the hunt. Each team member will have access to the app.

The app will be where everything takes place, all challenges will be in the app, and have to be submitted through the app.

“Each challenge specifies the medium for which the challenge is submitted,” Haslam said. “For example, it could be a photo, video, text, quiz, QR code scan, or GPS check in.”

Teams will receive a Kaysville Quest relic, and will have to include it in each picture or video submitted to prove that the photo or video was taken during the event. Without the item in the picture or video the challenge submission will be rejected. 

After 24 hours, teams will be required to check in to the awards ceremony. The awards ceremony will also take place at Barnes Park at 6 p.m. on Saturday. First, second, and third place will be announced and will receive their winnings.

“We’re hoping to bring people together with teamwork, camaraderie and healthy competition at this event,” Hallam said. “We want to expose people to what our city and the surrounding areas have to offer. Ultimately though, we want people to get outside and have fun.”

Register for the quest here: l