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Davis Journal

Don’t settle for staying stuck

Aug 02, 2022 02:02PM ● By John Waterbury

All too often, we tend to feel we’re stuck with our fears and worries in life, and as a result of those mistaken self-definitions, we keep ourselves locked into our old unhealthy ways of thinking.  But we don’t have to stay within the old confines of our mistaken perceptions.  We have a choice.  We have endless choices.

Taking back our power in life is not all that complicated.  Literally, developing correct levels of physical, emotional, and spiritual strengths starts by practicing what must be done, facing what needs to be confronted, and pushing ourselves out of our old patterns.  Nobody else really cares if we take back our power and control.  The world will accept whatever pattern we choose to demonstrate.

Remember, we can act ourselves into a new way of thinking and responding.  And we will become whatever we practice.  So far, we’ve practiced to be as we are right now.  If we practice confidence, we will achieve it.  And the reverse is also true.  How miserable do you want to be?  How happy do you want to be?  Ask yourself:  What have I been practicing?

This world has too many victims and casualties of war who believe that’s all they are.  Decide not to practice those roles.  When we decide to face and embrace a healthier perception, we’ll find it.  But if we choose to practice being controlled by life, we will become victimized.  And the amazing principle is that even our own chemistry will support whatever we choose….Victim or Victor.  Choose wisely.  Your choice will determine your destiny.

This world has been created specifically for us.  We’re here to learn.  And some of the most important lessons include:  Pain is purposeful, unfairness is provocative, and challenges are meant to strengthen.  Don’t be intimidated by having choices.  If too many of your choices are painful, change your choices!

Granted, we were not born to win all the battles.  But in this world that was created specifically for us, difficulties play a significant role in our education.  They are not accidents.  Lessons are connected to each of them.  Learn the lessons and move on.  Keep what works and replace what doesn’t.  Practice, practice, practice.  

This life is not the end.  It is the next phase of our immortality.  Enjoy the ride!  Watch for the beauty.    λ