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If disaster strikes will you be ready?

Aug 04, 2022 10:16AM ● By Becky Ginos

CENTERVILLE—In 2020 an earthquake hit the valley, then in the fall high winds ripped through south Davis County causing significant damage. Both of these events are a good reminder that emergencies happen and everyone should be prepared. In an effort to help people be ready when disaster strikes, the cities of south Davis are hosting the South Davis Emergency Preparedness Fair Sept. 17.

“A lot of people in the community feel the government is going to come in and save them in an emergency,” said Casey Bowen, Chairman/coordinator of the fair. “Working in emergency preparedness I know that is not the case. The fact is you are on your own. FEMA tells us you are on your own for at least the first 72 hours and possibly a week before FEMA responds.” 

Having a basic supply of water, emergency food and some type of heat on the premises is imperative, said Bowen. “We’re trying to get everybody in south Davis prepared for themselves so they can help others.”

The theme for the fair is “Community Disaster Resiliency, it’s a team effort!” In addition to the cities, the fair is supported by the Davis County Sheriff’s Office, South Davis Metro Fire and other law enforcement agencies, he said. “There will be table top presentations from preparedness related groups such as the Red Cross, CERT, Be Ready Utah, Davis County Amateur Radio Club, Lakeview Hospital and other public agencies that would be responding to put water back into place, etc.”

The fair will be held at the Megaplex Theaters Legacy Crossing in Centerville. “Megaplex has offered five of the theaters for seminars,” Bowen said. “There will be all kinds of different ideas such as planning communications in a disaster with hand held radios, what to take with you in an emergency bag, mentally preparing children for an emergency and many more.”

There are still vendor spots open at the fair, said Bowen. “We have the main hall and conference hall and some tented booths. We try to focus on people who are involved in preparedness.”

Featured speaker Marcello Surjopolos, owner of the Food Storage Depot in South Jordan, will present “The Five Food Killers – Will Your Food Storage Really Last 25 Years?” and Mark Croft, from Croft Power Equipment, will present on Generating Power in times of need. 

Bowen said the fair is meant to educate residents in various aspects of preparedness. “Another reason to prepare is economic uncertainty and people around the world are facing food insecurity. That’s the first time in my memory.”

The direction it seems to be going is to have at least a year’s supply or two years supply if possible, he said. “The more prepared a community is and individuals are, the more it frees up resources for those who are not prepared. If I have five cases of water in the basement then I’m not standing in line taking up a place for people who are frantic and haven't stored water. If I have a supply of food in the house I’m used to eating I won’t be fighting in the back of a National Guard truck handing out food.”

The South Davis County Emergency Preparedness Fair will be Sept. 17 from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. The Megaplex Theater is located at 1075 W. Legacy Crossing Blvd. in Centerville. For vendor information, contact Louisa McDonald at 801-335-8851. λ