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Cherry on top

Aug 08, 2022 12:19PM ● By Alec Cipollini

KAYSVILLE–After the past couple of years the COVID-19 pandemic canceling summer plans for many families across Utah and the country, Cherry Hill Resort is open to the public, as a packed-parking lot of people will attest as they enjoyed the activities offered. 

Cherry Hill began its operations in 1967 and has mini golf, water attractions, campsites and other things to do year-round for families. 

With restrictions lifted and summer time in full-swing, families and friends are out and about this year, and grandparents like Deborah Harper said that it is time to finally have fun after her grandchildren’s school year completed in May.

“My grandkids did not like sitting at home everyday two years ago and they are so energetic,” Harper said. “They can run around here (Cherry Hill) with their friends and have a normal summer like other kids should. It is hot out, but I am glad they are going to be at the pool outside with fresh air.” 

The water park at Cherry Hill has two pools, a lazy river, Pirates Cove–which is a children’s water playground–as well as a River Run. Parents watched from afar last weekend as their kids had a blast around the park, but when all of the excitement left and the kids got tired, Cherry Hill has 150 campsites where families could choose to relax together around the campground.

Ogden local Mark White is a dad of two and he said that after an “action-packed” day when they go to Cherry Hill, his family sits down on some benches to reflect on the day before heading back home.

“We love Cherry Hill,” White said. “I like to take the kids out two or three times in the summer here. I don’t like to swim, but my kids do. We might play a game of mini golf or go to the campsite when it gets cooler at night.” 

The resort has events that are presented to the public for free Fridays and Saturdays, as they have a list of concerts that will perform, according to Cherry Hill’s website. Local groups along with others out-of-state like RedRock Country from Nashville, Tennessee perform at the Lucky 7 Main Stage at Cherry Hill. 

Things looked back to normal around the park as the crowd of maskless kids and families were running around, and mom Sara Brady says that even though school for her children is starting up again in a month, seeing them running around gives her the feeling of normalcy. 

“My children complained to me that they felt locked up,” Brady said. “I just didn’t feel comfortable letting them go out to places when the COVID virus was going around. Now that that situation is going away, they are allowed to go out and live life to the fullest. Hopefully no more pandemics happen–I don’t want 2020 to happen again.” 

“The summer should be a time where people can express themselves and take advantage of the time off, especially kids,” Harper said. “Kids smiling and laughing with others is what being a child is all about. I know their school year is coming up and they are not looking forward to that, but they can spend the time off doing whatever they want to do at this time of the year.” λ