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Farmington woman gives old furniture a new life

Aug 08, 2022 12:54PM ● By Sarah Segovia

Missi Brough loves giving a new voice to old furniture. The Farmington resident considers herself a “furniture artist” refinishing pieces to make the old look new. 

“A lot of people don’t think you should paint wood, but I have found that it really refreshes furniture and gives it a unique personality,” said the Pallets N Pastures owner.

“I love antique furniture. I have had people bring me pieces that their ancestors carried ‘across the plains,’” said Brough. “I love revamping pieces from someone’s grandma’s house and giving it a new special meaning in their home. Now, that piece gets to make a new memory and start a new story.”

Brough refinishes all kinds of furniture. Everything from dining tables, dressers, headboards, vanities, credenzas to even pianos. “One of the most unique things I have ever done was a pool table,” she said. “Piano’s are my favorite though because I love statement pieces.” 

The great thing is that everyone already has furniture that just needs updating, said Brough. “I never really go out and buy furniture to refinish, my clients bring their old furniture to me. Doing custom refinishing allows me to make more of a profit.”   

Brough has been doing this for about eight years. “Three years ago, we built a house in Farmington and I got to build my own shop,” she said. “I have never marketed my business. I don’t have a website. People usually contact me through social media. I ask them to send a picture of the piece they would like refinished. I tell them how much time a project is going to take and what it will cost.” 

Most projects usually take about a week. “I work on my own time,” said Brough. “I use good old paint and primer. I’m not a chalk paint girl. I’ve discovered a good technique with my spray gun to use lots of thin layers for ultimate durability and no paint lines.”  

Brough said she’s always been interested in DIY. “I was a stay at home mom, until my youngest son started school. Then I wanted to get a job, but I couldn’t find any jobs that interested me. I had been doing some DIY at home to save money, so my husband recommended that I turn that into a business. I started with a table I got at a thrift store, then I started doing some projects for neighbors and family. Now, I have a project lined up every week until the end of November. This is my full-time job.”

People often overthink interior design, she said. “I was two credits short from graduating with a degree in Interior Design, so I have a lot of knowledge. I get many compliments on what I have done with my home, but really I just use pieces that I love. I share some interior design tips on my page as well. I try to post ideas to help others bring peace and create a happy home.”   

Brough said she loves when clients give her some creative freedom. “Some clients tell you exactly what they want, but it’s nice when they let you do what you do best and just give you a color scheme. I get so excited to show someone their furniture. It’s very satisfying. I really genuinely love what I do.” 

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