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The Kaysville Creamery opens on Main Street

Sep 02, 2022 11:26AM ● By Cindi Mansell

Having owned and operated Hamblin Insurance & Financial Services, Dallas Hamblin is no stranger to entrepreneurship. He and his wife, Sarah, and their three children have lived in Kaysville for years. Although his public business office is in Clearfield, Hamblin needed a location closer to home where he could work alone and get things done without interruption. So, he rented the upstairs of the building at 1 N. Main Street (the building was the original Barnes Bank constructed in 1891 and most recently, an Allstate Insurance Office).

Hamblin and his family were in Panguitch attending the Annual Balloon Rally festival and decided to stop for ice cream at a local favorite spot. It was there that Sarah, an ice cream connoisseur, discovered Fluffernutter…. a favorite offered from the BYU Creamery consisting of vanilla ice cream, peanut butter swirl, graham cracker swirl, peanut butter cookie pieces, and marshmallows. Hamblin said he returned home and started investigating the origin of Fluffernutter and it started him thinking about selling ice cream. 

He and his wife talked about it and enjoyed the dream of having an ice cream shop to sell BYU Creamery flavors (there were none in Northern Utah).

Fast forward to 2022, and one day while going to his “work office,” Hamblin noticed a vacancy sign on the main level of the building. The dream became a reality, and The Kaysville Creamery officially opened its doors for business on May 20, 2022. Hamblin said it took about three months to renovate the former office space (complete with 70s style green carpet) into a proper space to sell ice cream. 

The shop originally offered only BYU Creamery ice cream, but their turnover was so great that BYU could hardly keep up and they kept running low on flavors. Hamblin investigated Utah State University Aggie Ice Cream and said he can now cater to fans of both colleges and ice cream flavors. He said, “there are typically 16 rotating flavors offered at one time and about 50 flavors total.”

When asked about crowd favorites, Hamblin said the BYU Grand Canyon (graham cracker ice cream, graham cracker swirl, and chocolate covered honeycomb) was a big seller as well as Coconut Joy (coconut ice cream, chocolate swirl, and roasted almonds), and True Aggie Night (vanilla ice cream swirled with raspberry and dark chocolate raspberry filled hearts). Hamblin also said he was surprised at the popularity of the sherbet flavors.

Hamblin said he has never run a food service operation before and there was a learning curve. He said originally, they had a huge sign built with the flavors permanently displayed…. but he soon discovered that ice cream flavors are not always available, and the flavor availability can change daily. So, they settled for more traditional ice cream shop signage that can be changed as needed. “Parking can be a challenge, but families also seem to enjoy parking and walking to the destination,” he added.

Hamblin said he employs about 22 kids, ages ranging from 14 to 17, and they are amazing in their contributions to operation. Summer hours are Monday thru Thursday, 12 noon to 10 p.m. and Friday and Saturday from 12 noon to 11 p.m. Winter hours most likely will be 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. Monday thru Thursday and until 11 p.m. on the weekends. 

“Word of mouth and locals have really promoted the location; business might be slow during the day, but often there are lines out the door in the evenings,” he said.

Hamblin, sporting a sweatshirt that read “A wise man once said nothing,” is engaging and enthusiastic about his businesses. He and his wife take turns doing whatever is needed and have plans that include an exterior ice cream themed mural, holiday functions and events, live music, and even a themed 7 o’clock sing along. 

Utah’s Hometown really needed a local ice cream shop to add to its already charming Main Street. If you haven’t tried it, grab your family and visit The Kaysville Creamery to enjoy one of those mouthwatering ice cream flavors! λ